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PATRIARCH DOT COM Slash Space Time with Stewart Gary and of course you can find the details in the show notes or just click the orange button on our website and thanks to allow patrons because it's your generosity and support the helps. Keep our show going now. Let's stick with the asteroid disaster. Theme and scientists found that a cataclysmic collision in the main asteroid built four one hundred sixty six million years ago triggered a major ice edge on earth which changed the evolution of life on the planet forever. The findings were reported in the journal Science advances. It claims the collision and subsequent break-up of the asteroid debris between Mars and Jupiter filled the entire solar system with so much dust it caused a unique climate change event triggering high levels of biodiversity over the past few decades research sip begun to understand the evolution of life on earth depends to a huge amount on astronomical nautical events in space. One example is the Katie boundary event sixty six million years ago which wiped out all the Non Avian dinosaurs and now scientists can present another other example of how extraterrestrial events have changed the evolution of life on earth researchers found that the destruction of a one hundred fifty kilometer wide asteroid partly he stopped sunlight from reaching the earth the precious triggering an ice age now the authors claim that the climate change from being one more or less and modernise right across the planet to becoming coming one divided by different climatic zones with Arctic conditions into the polls and tropical conditions at the equator and a high level of diversity among invertebrates came came as a direct adaption to the new climate triggered by the exploded asteroid the studies little the Professor Burgess Schmitz from London versity says it's an allergist standing in the middle of a room I and smashing a vacuum cleaner bag a much larger scale the authors rich they conclusions but measuring extraterrestrial helium petrified seafloor sediments found in southern Sweden see on its way to Earth. The asteroid debris dust would be enriched.

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