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Daryl right in there amongst the list with a lot of other guys i mean don was a riff message general to just pick up his act stuff rolling down with these crazy risks of boy. I know it has stellar song. I'm like oh well that's pretty cool. You know he. He was one of a kind. It was definitely a one time. Then you mentioned tonio me You know you a lot of records with sabbath and different different eras of sabbath to you know even starting with the tony martin era What was it like working with those guys and you have any particular stories that you can share about your time with them. Well you know when we came in it was like in like on the forbidden record and the earliest stuff which visit johnny marr. Nara and Ernie see from body count produce the forbidden record which is little known fact. A lot of people don't know that yet and that's probably the eternal idol is probably my favorite toni. Martin black sabbath iraq because nothing is better than the shining a lorry right to good one. But tony Tony was great. You know you know when we did this with with ronnie that with better and You know we've obviously worked sabbath with ozzy you know and that was great and we reviewing the reissue right now for technical ecstasy. You know i know. And i mean it's a four cd set and i literally just got the audio today and like before he jumped on this goal. That's what i was listening to my dude. I haven't even heard it yet. I'm like i. Don't listen to this. And i got through like you know i mean the first disc is the remastered version. Like all right. I've i've read technical ecstasy like millions on so i don't need to listen to that right now. I got to like the steve. Wilson mixes and wide stop. And i'm like so good if it is so good you know. Band is just so unique in every sense of the words where tony does what he does. He does what he does sodas. He does what he does and they just phenomenal..

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