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Gye courtney as kaneohe. Yes i made a mistake for the the shanxi movie. The bag looks like john cornyn. I was like oh. This movie looks really good. And then the guy who looks like giant kourtney comes fuck now. I can't see this movie. Because i courtney is in it chrysler. You're okay fighter with an australian accent. Shaikh gordon up to. How do we want this movie to suck. Let's get courtney involved. I hope you. Here's this by the way. Fuck him very. Clint howard on this podcast. And he's a better person than jet. Courtney be so fun loving fuck me. That was my. You tryin since you got. It was okay. I thought it could be better. He's going to take that twenty one hour flight from australia. S get that'd be great shows. Danny de you say on this podcast didn't give a fuck about me. Sitting in janis chairs. Master boyd who assume is johnny san. Say he's reading tabloid suggests that johnny cage is one big phony so he offers him information on the tournament that will prove that he is not a fraud. I would love the audience too. And it's no if master boy. It's somehow in the mortal kombat work because the way they introduce him is. You're supposed to know who that guy is right. Yeah at least you're supposed to know who the actor cameo meatloaf that is. I don't think it's meatloaf no it's not but that when i first saw me thinking it was eric bana. Yeah i know it's not me. Look who that was fun fact that was also supposed to be steven. Spielberg her dual dual characters. They really wanted him in this movie so they just kept offering. You want to be this guy. Be this guy. There's literally no no mention of him ever again in the games in any other movies ever. I don't think he's ever mentioned in the game. He doesn't look like he knows. Martial arts either. No he knows. Tiger schulmann's martial arts. He just like some overweight out of shape guy who may be back in the day was good just like telling kids right kids to you know you know punch each other sounds good and then just kinda smokes a cigarette in in the corner..

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