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Right now and I know I talked about this last week is a bit of a debate going on right now is an interesting piece. was put out by Stephen Moore. Stephen Moore put out a piece talking about how the United States needs to get out there right now and refinance our debt. refinance but only think of it like refinancing your mortgage. we have these old old old through low interest rates that are out there. and we borrow most of the money that we borrow is in short term instruments and we have to roll it over again and again and again. I want to think of it thank you as paying one credit card off with another credit card. thank you we've got the thirty year bond rates that are below two percent. I happen to agree with Stephen Moore I think that we should be out right now I issuing a lot more longer term debt and it would say it would save I'm not kidding. this is actual figures billions of dollars a month. billions of dollars a month in interest there's actually been talk about issuing fifty year bonds. and the one hundred year bonds now there is an alternative argument out there that I also I also happen to. I understand. where people are actually saying that well you know what it's unethical. it's on ethical issue a one hundred year bonds it's basically saying the government doesn't have any intention of paying off. and in another argument might be that you know what this kind of like taxation without representation because you're having future generations. Hey first off. pay for.

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