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According to people familiar with the matter deutsche bank is exploring shrinking it's us operations the move comes is mounting legal expenses threatened to even think tampa delayed germany's lack of spanx the pull back is being considered as part of a broad strategy review it going to bank is that it evaluates businesses in the context of regulatory and capital requirements last month georgia banks of the us justice department a question fourteen billion dollars to settle a probe tied to residential mortgage back securities now the volatility index report brought to you by cabo leave it's options in futures volatility can be harnessed was he believe it's options in futures to just go to spend learn more at cb elite dot com slash powerful outcomes of vick's the mix again three point four percent friday to close at sixteen twelve separately in today's extended morning trading fixed futures are higher by four point eight percent to sixteen ninety and that's this morning's volatility report futures this morning are moving lower s and p futures down six points futures down forty eight announced that the many futures down seventeen but actually germany's down six tense percent we are watching earnings from has bro cross the bloomberg third quarter profit to beating analysts estimates nine makes crude oil is lower down a quarter percent or thirteen sensitive fifty dollars twenty two cents a barrel go mike's gomez down to chance percent or two dollars ten sense of twelve fifty three forty i'm alex and this straight ahead we have the latest world and national news in on the get sports is well this has been the word during a brain just to six thirty three on the wall street this news update brought to you by engine blocking intern named the best accounting for him in north america for the sixth year in a row by hedge week dot com the long military beat buildup leads to mosul let's bring in michael bourn out with the very latest good morning to michael good morning without a senior you an official says he is extremely concern for the safety of ser billions in the iraqis serbia mosul.

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