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We continue with our American stories and now we bring you the story of either hand a friend of ours whose life well it was so compelling it was so interesting that we wanted to bring it to you it's a life shaped by both a lot of love but as you're about to hear a whole Lotta loss here's a it was the setting in northwest Alabama just like in an office sisters love for these three young boys David Gary and fellow every afternoon after school we would get off our school bus run inside and get us a do dad cooking and head to the barn I would saddle my horse my horse was named trigger and I named trigger because of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans David with satellite his horse name spotted client because he loved the long ranger and Tonto and then fill up now he saddled up his horse he had a little Shetland pony and he named his horse poly because he was in love with their Avon and then there was Terry he was just too small to have his own horse so I would throw him on the back with me we would head to the Indian mounds and on our property we had about forty acres and we would get to the top of the mountains and it was a wonderful place to live down let the horses wander around and we start talking about our dreams now David.

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