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More unseasoned directors not being able to pull things off quite as smoothly as kathleen kennedy had hoped so i i you know i i've said on the pike as i heard that they're trying to hire more seasoned director's first star wars projects in the future and i'm thinking that uniform he's going to have to get his chops elsewhere before he gets his name on it store standalone movie and what better placed view that than in the tv rome which he has already proven himself in in what innovation so that's that's my thoughts on it yeah also in the news wall out promoting thor rag morocco we have found out that take what tiki popular movie what we do in the shadows which is a makki memory a vampire mock you memory is going to get a tv show for the united states cress what do we now right so taking we td said basically were trying to develop a you as urgent of what we do in the shadows uh he said you're in the states so especially all he said he doesn't really clarify that means it's going to be a complete reboot in the sense that carry the same characters but play by american actors or it's going to be a different set of american vampires in with the same format so john water details but that's basically what he said they're working on at the moment now when i first heard this i as i headline is like what we do in the shadows being remade for the usa and i was like why why would you do that because first of all you know it's such a good movie it's not like it's subtitled it's not like um you know it's not accessible for american audiences and then when i found out of the tv show made perfect sense to me because it seems like they could you know go they could make a whole season out of that movie like it almost when i was watching that movie i was almost thinking like why isn't this a tv show a this is almost like real world with empires the i mean like like i want to see the tv show version of this and this is what this is going to be what are you guys thank you have any thoughts on this.

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