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Optimism trump and have zuma because that would be kind of a good deal her said romario south africa he's like oh said the effort is the one good one day i i can go to that effort yet all like sort of like ryanair their economy into the ground or whatever just fyi we're and we're very confident that it's your osceola dead because the stock market is very very high is the ran like really it's it's battery no it's like a ads bad at it no i don't have numbers for use by i remember restore your ashdown i do remember reading that that that there that you know just economically he ran some shit into the ground but it's interesting because it's it forced a country to wreck in ways and forced the anc to reckon with itself like look this guy's popular whatever we've been sporting am but it's he's garbage you know in in a way it's it's it's tough because you have to let go of some power rights if you get rid in you have to concede to that let go of a certain amount of power and hope that the voters will like still a favor you the next next time round even internally being you know the kind of like evil genius it he is he tried to kinda like divorced one of his six wives it's sort of like hand over the leadership to her yeah the anc at some point of like you know went up by the shit because we're not stupid and we actually want you would everyone affiliated with you out yeah and that they did this is so amazed will you i mean south africa's like such a uh you look to it to be a beacon of like democracy in on the continent right like you're hoping with will announce mandela this transition of power i at least to me personally and i'm like i'm like okay that's a free state like it's awesome like but what i saw from zuma was he's like looking around and all the other strongmen of.

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