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That's like live audio between two people seems like listening to music with people would be really no you you both need a Spotify premium account. That's how you listen to music with people on discord. There's something like there's something wrong with our computer, abstractions, if these are the hardest things to do it sharing digital things is art I propose Dida earlier today now over Proser to you and by extension the audience of thousands of people that listen to we should have the lock into wards, which calm the Laki Laki right in every year. We give out Laki for the dumbest experiences gonna have their technology. There's petty. Right. That's like the the beefs, right? There's the pig category. Then there's like low. Right. You try and then something like tripping over your shoelaces kind of you know, like you really put your fool what what's the one where you're just those greedy, greedy. We should just name them after the seven doors walk. Dopey happy, greedy sleepy fits perfect sleep. Slee sleepiest great. He just. You you you you cut it done this, and you just missed it. So I think for example, the lack of the fact that apple at a system level will only use airplay on cast is like super, right? Because are they really are. They really out there saying you should buy one hundred forty dollar apple TV instead of a twenty dollar chrome cast just to make this this very simple idea work like that's ridiculous to me. Is it apple TV like a hundred sixty nine dollars? It's something ridiculous. It's like a million dollars. Just looked it up. And it's a million dollars. And you can't even you can't even play banner snatch on it. I hear or watch or whatever you do with it with that Netflix thing. That's what I heard. I haven't tried. It could be wrong. It's one forty nine for the little guy. Yeah. It's way. Nope. I'm wrong. The four K the apples pricing. I just said they don't make enough products. Why do you make so many that non four K is one forty nine four ks one seventy nine? Yep. And then the four K with more storage for something for all games playing on your apple TV is one ninety nine which I mean, it's like that the lucky if you have suggestions for the Lockheed's. Yep. We'll come back after CS. We'll we'll put them together. And they have to be named after seven tours Paul every week you do segment if what's it called? It's called tell me it might beautiful. Yes. You are Paul big you theater. Dutra Gino will three D print custom facemasks based on buyers skin measurements. So Neutrogena has a phone app or accessory Colt skin three sixty and you can do these macro scans of your face qualities, kind of terrifying..

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