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More stimulating talk subaru sunday bryce it in here until ten pm and normally we like ours stories to wrap up by eight pm but there one there there is one dental dana point that i said as of seven thirty was still ongoing and that it is a man barricaded inside of a a high end housing development ugh called the tennis villas in dana point earlier today a woman who shared the house we we we have the i kfi but she neighbors heard a gunshot she said that a gun accidentally went off but the orange county sheriff's deparment was called at eleven twenty four am when neighbours on centre street near tennis villas dr reported hearing gunshots said lieutenant wayne knelt deputies arrived at location found a hole in the khandelwal a female that had been in the condo came out but a man remains inside about a dozen debbie surrounded the area there are no known injuries she she says that it was an accidental gunshot but there's no quite done we don't know why the guy is still in there anyway eighty seven has someone on the scene earlier today this afternoon and here's a little bit of of her neighbouring at point neighborhood after neighbors heard a bullet go through a window it happened near nick gale routing tennis while they heard the gun shot they didn't hear the bullet go through the window but there is some key information coming in this report ellis dry five suggest his adriana wind gold as he tells adriana that's a very upscale neighborhood i hear people we spoke with thing nothing like this has ever happened if you take a look behind me you can see sheriff's than tactical gear its where that tan umbrella is that is made the standoff is currently going on between sheriffs and this man holed up inside now we want to go ahead and show you some the earlier wins shares tried to make contact with that man holed up inside and sheriff saving i got the call this morning from labour's their heard a gunshot when they arrived the.

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