United States, Edward Pang, U. S. discussed on Sean Hannity


It's really guiliani's turn only see Brady fox news the president's personal attorney now subpoenaed by the house intelligence committee seeking documents related to Ukraine and specifically mentioning guiliani statement made during TV interviews the asked to crane to investigate Joe Biden earlier today president trump again denying any wrongdoing in his phone call with Ukraine's president that led to a whistle blower complaint holding this is Chris it's been tremendous corruption and wishing to cooperate this wall is being shown on the other side. corruption like you've never seen the president suggesting he just wanted you cranes help to root out corruption Democrats say he wanted dirt on Biden a twenty twenty challenger meantime house Republicans dealing with two more exits congressman mac Thornberry becoming the sixth Texas Republican to announce he will not seek reelection and your congressman Chris Collins is accused of insider trading is resigning on the eve of a court appearance where is now expected to plead guilty prosecutors say he advised stockholders including his son to sell shares in a bio pharmaceutical company after a drug trial failed it's up to New York democratic governor Andrew Cuomo to call a special election to fill the seat in the district which leads Republican fox's colonel Scott federal prosecutors announcing an espionage case in California I'm here to announce charges that an American citizen. acted as a secret agent. of the people's Republic of China against the United States here in the Northern District of California and its U. S. attorney David Anderson speaking earlier today announcing the charges against the fifty six year old suspect known as Edward Pang accuser delivering classified US national security information to officials.

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