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Residents of smoke in the backyard and opened fire sorties are describing this as a mass casualty incident No suspect information just yet America is listening to fox news mostly cloudy and cold force here overnight upper thirties mostly cloudy and cool Monday with a stray light rain shower possible mid fifties partly cloudy upper fifties Tuesday I'm the roaches Ken boon from the weather channel on one oh six one FM talk next news in thirty minutes follow us on social media go to one oh six one F. M. talk dot com to connect uncomfortable truths are kind of his thing so is it communism burning Glenn Beck it's free market capitalism today at nine AM the death of communism on one oh six one F. M. talk stay connected not known for his modesty I can't help but what he is known for is a purveyor of fact Rush Limbaugh tomorrow at noon on one on one and them talk and I heart radio station now the knoll now at napa auto parts stores in napa auto care centers buy a two pack of night vision brilliant headlamps together para pro forma wiper blades free because when you put safety first your equipment should be second rate so afraid to napa night vision brilliant headlamps get a pair of pro former wiper blades for do it yourself or have it done for you that snap and no well the participating napa auto parts stores and napa auto care.

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