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San jose escobar feeds grandma elite to regain the cruiserweight title is a good match involving talented men to cruise awaits. It was amazing Wade barrett commented that escobar is as dominant as yoshua ri- when it comes to champions exte- however give santos hasn't had many feuds can't really tell that but sales escobar retains and i'm happy to see a quick lucia house party sounds escobar kinda crews away match kind of brought me back to the days of the cruiserweight belt back four dexter lummus channels his his inner teddy long and booked at impromptu match between gargano castaway versus kushida and shots blackheart I think i think kushida and blackheart one to further the feud between both of them during this awesome theory. Took to nut shots from black card and one from one from kushida. This is what you're doing with the man who could possibly be the next johnson. I wanna point this out. The man who i predict the next johnson is getting nut. Shot twice on an. Xt where he he's still young he he'll make way they announced that they will the dusty dusty rhodes classic will be back now lummus announced that will be getting the woman's dusty. Rhodes i saw. I am so not happy about that. What does that mean. we're getting angsty wounds tag. Titles i know the trophy winners okay. I'll take. I'll take that that further story. I'm okay with that What else happened on next to you this week. Let's get into. We also had rhea ripley versus raquel gonzalez last woman standing match. Of course gonzales picked up the win. 'cause rhea ripley will be going to the main roster as well read your turn when he thought about repealing raquel a great match By these two great match This was this was the springboard for rock hell. This actually puts her and top tier Positioning and i. I've been saying. Ford would but when you got to this is the big hogs of the women's division and that's how that's how you supposed to throw down. I think that This this could be the right sendoff for and Bazaars she's put colo schnatter sauce you gotta you gotta start making absolutely. And finally we had the main event which was imbalanced. Callow rally for the next championship. Valor retaining a. But wow. It wasn't as good as the first one but it was very very fucking good. I really enjoy these. These men are fucking superstars. I'm not surprised at how good this match was. But let's just go through it quickly. Sorry they had i deliver The the wrestling was reminded me of a real fight doing whatever they need in order to find the advantage to win. That's what matters. Even it looked ugly only because it looks like a real fight. That's exactly what i said. That's why because it looked like a real and that's what that's what that's how you sell now in wrestling. I believe to show to me that real fight feel nowadays The curtains already pulled the gimmick. Make me believe you to legitimate. Legitimate jimmy fighting The match colorado era joined him in the ring fin stared at him. Kind of respect me. both. I don't know but the absolute look of dejection caused face sold. How important this match was looked depressed. He looked devastated expression that conveyed the agony of defeat anymore way to the affair i think it was a worthy successor to the original battle. And i think if you guys haven't seen it yet. I'd suggest you check it out. It was a great main event to annex..

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