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Aretha Grateful Dead Carlos Santana, Toni Braxton TLC read. I five Whitney Houston. It's all about one thing is good enough. And that's how he gets off. Well, he you know, he did for a wreath. He did the same thing for Dionne Warwick Aretha was at a period in her career where it seemed to be winding down. She hadn't had a lot of hits the our ESP CT days were behind her and Clive met with her. And he said, I think you still great. And I think we can find new songs for you. Your songs are classics, but tastes change. We gotta find some new songs and he came out with riding on the freeway of love who zoom in who took her right back to the topic. But then you tell me at one point it was slightly controversial. I think there were some people who liked a wreath is sort of political involvement and her songs were feminist and political in the early part of her career and the songs of the eighties were real pop song Cadillac. I mean, you know, you don't make a big statement with pink Cadillac, Sean. Listen, you're in the music business. You want hits and Aretha? Trust me was delighted. What is it about Clive that he was able to discern? I mean, it sounds obvious in retrospect, but going through it at what was what was the bout him that he was able to discern. What a great song was a great artist was well, you can ask him when he will be here in the nine o'clock hour, you know, he just he had this ability to hear swollen. Remember, he doesn't hear the song is it's all fully put together. Just here's a composer playing on the piano, and then he can imagine I can build this song, and I can match it to this voice. This is a song for Barry Manilow. This is a song for Aretha. This is a song for Dion. And he would just couldn't. But he would construct the song..

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