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Men seventy percent of the vitality is in Italy are also among men medical professionals suggest that hormonal differences may account for that gender gap saying that women have more adaptive immune systems something we've known men are more prone to heart conditions lung conditions as well I'm sure a fryer and uses news weather and traffic station newsradio seven forty KTRE the tools you need to take on the day news in the morning weather and traffic this is Houston's morning news with Jimmy Barrett and Shara fryer it is a six oh nine you're in Houston's morning news alright we're putting some prison labor to work they're buying a license plates they're gonna make facemask here in Texas Texas prison inmates making cotton facemask nope that's the bad news they're made of a cotton they're not made of the same synthetic material that you would find being used in most hospitals here's the ID I guess rather than synthetic material there cotton they're the highest standards according to state senator John Whitmer bought they're better than nothing sure beats nothing so they're gonna make about twenty five thousand of them this week for distribution again they're just kind of there is a back up this is not for medical medical professionals well I guess they they can go to health care officials but you know the health care officials realize that they're not as good as you would like them to be it's like a desire so anytime we got three M. just they finally got the clearance from the government where they won't get sued and now they are just cranking them out like crazy yeah can I also have yup we got General Motors medical professionals and and for those I mean these are the good ones are those interesting to young yesterday that you know the presidential you know basically Warrack powers that allow him to to dictate to manufactures what the manufacturers in use that word dictate your boarding stating that's the point I'm trying to make years they aren't they're basically saying we're getting so many calls from from companies that want to help Hey listen we used to do this years ago we can do this again leads to make ventilators decades ago we can do it again that kind of thing that that you know we're kind of wrapping up like a war effort here it's it's been amazing to watch how well businesses responded all this another reason why we need to take care of them and make sure that there's always politics all I know six eleven time for traffic.

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