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Series on ESPN radio and ESPN and the Dodgers get all walked off to the gym they walked off well the president Richard closer Daniel Hudson it's Corey Seager works out of the stretch three three five nine and that is in for a strike but Saddam said old one to see sold for three the pit so when you get a ground ball fallow first Daniel Hudson was actually with the Dodgers last year guys built with farm issues he said to Tommy John surgeries actually yeah with the aid and was relieved right toward the end of and then signed on with the blue jays CO two outside it was the case you traded him at the deadline the nationals with Washington twenty five to one forty four ERA use axle fastball slider change if it was the site of the got Corey Seager game two here's the one two swaying in a mess and Seeger is down on strikes the slider again the bases were loaded comes back with a flatter together again strike three in this one what down your is this gets into the later stages really starts to get interesting PK down and the pitch outside and low I mean you are talking about two genes that ball lot of saves and questions beyond the starters about getting the final out the both breaking open the file for the thing like yeah thirteen ten right he K. one four three Hudson said here comes Val ball office for the strike on PK at the end of the our home run in the second national to the playoffs the time in the last three four of the five times they've gone to a game five in the previous three walls swaying a line of yes seven one one photo in left field the fast ball ninety seven middle and honestly I think and now to be will Smith's vehicle for three PK Hernandez support what's on the blue water this is one of the looking for three three bottom nine Hudson fine the first schools PK Hernandez I don't think there was sitting down with this ball was hit this lighter this thing is is that if you could possibly get right down the middle of the wall slamming his back against it in you to run a ways to get there he was not playing Will Smith very deep at all so now we Taylor why to write spurs plate appearance came on as part of a double switch in the seven were tied at three mana first two outs bottom now fire is that what is low there is this feeling though that this game will be one either way by a home run it just feels like to collect a dump send them on base it just happened Taylor backed up here near the throw to first the key catered and there's steps back to little is often rolling in the bowl Lou lefties come up after Chris Taylor whether it's here or not that's where the nets have some trouble because a way to get all of those lefties it's hard throw to first the Bakken is Fernandes because you little is not he's not about the breaking ball he's pretty neutral it is career the six and not one that you know what goals the lefties in that way so that's going to be something that they Martinez just gonna have to cut out how we get the left the one old tap foul third base side another concern is is accorded a Martinez to the way he had this plan Sean Doolittle is there and yes they have other arms available they're not the trusted are so one two little comes into this game Hernandez is the runner at first Taylor at the plate wanted one account budgeted the belt fires when a liner center field St Pete Ellery makes the grand Taylor lines out to tailor Matt is the headache bill runs here a man left were headed to the game five LA.

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