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Here in on FM knbr 1045 and is always on 6 80 A M. These sports leader will be hearing that at some point this summer, and then you'll hear your Marty. Jump on the mike. Huh? Talking baseball with Marty, of course. Started with center field anyway, We'll get into some baseball talk is it started to hit hit the news this weekend. Major League Baseball in discussions about a 154 game season, which I think to everybody who watched a 60 game campaign last year is encouraging all stuff we can talk about with Grand. Brisby, of course, covers the San Francisco Giants for the athletic as well as baseball in general and I guess you'd say he's like he's not. The average beat writer he's putting together is his anecdotes and comedic music script. Is that how you would describe your writing? Sure musings blathering. Whatever Whatever it takes, we'll open it up with saying the JOC Pederson, man. Did you want him? Was he high upon your list? I thought, Boy, this is kind of a name for far on as far as the guys they've signed this offseason and over the last couple years. I think in a world without Alex Dickerson, he made a lot of sense as someone you can get into a corner outfield spot and give some power with Dickerson and Dickerson stayed healthy for the most part last year. I think it would have been redundant with Peterson played a mean center field. That would have been one thing, but he hasn't really played there in a couple years. So I think the fit was little lefty. I've sort of felt the same way. I guess. What was intriguing was like the idea of power against the right handed bat. He would probably then be The third outfielder in that situation. What sort of quiet here I think is that the Giants outfield defense is not all that good. Would you agree with that? That is for sure. I think you know if you go out there and you have Jastremski and right, Slater in left and do bond in center. That's fine. I think that's fine. But you start to play around. We're now you've got Dickerson and left and you stretch He has shifted to center and then maybe got Jack Peterson and right and they that would be pretty darn gruff, and that's not even bringing up Darren Rough. Yeah. Who cares? You know, barely needs a minute. I'll play like six innings in left field, and and that's pretty much it. They're gonna be missing the D h with him for sure, this year because you have those kind of the two guys that were being tossed around J. B. J, who He can hit a little bit, but he's a more trendy. I think, as far as a defensive outfielder goes, Would you be more inclined to go that route? Because they keep talking like they're going to get another left handed out? Feel bad or that they need one. Or do you think they find somebody else with a little bit of pop? I think that they're still really, really interested in a defense First center fielder and there really aren't that many out there because if you're going to get to someone who's middling, you might as well just stick with Duggar or you might as well Just stick with Luis Alexander Musavi like you have internal options that are great. They're an ideal. They're not going to give you that same offensive potential. But you don't need to go out and sign like the other side of the fence version of Stephen Duggar like he's already here, Let's do you might as well give that a try. So if you're going to go for a plus, plus defender, it's going to be someone like a Jackie brother Junior. Or maybe in some sort of weird, convoluted trade with the Rays for Kevin Cure Mire like that's the kind of defender the Giants are looking for. That's who would be an upgrade in be worth the expenditure of whether it's trade, capital or actual money. He did these air the musings I'm talking about. Get me Kevin. Care Meier. Like how do we figure that one out? How do we get that deal done? You know the razor weird the race. I mean, they're not weird. They're They're actually very, really good. Yeah, yeah, They're good. You know, they're they're a team that just won dependent. They are loaded and they don't like to spend a lot of money. That's just sort of their M o. They're good at it. And right now they have Kevin cure Meyer, who is locked up through at least 2022. Making about nine million a year. That doesn't sound like a lot, but to the race. It's kind of a lot, and so if you're offering them something to take that contract off their hands, they're listening. And it's not. We're not talking Joey Bart. It's going to be someone way way down on that prospect food chain. I would think I mean, I'm not a GM, but I think he could be had 14 willing to spend just a little bit of money. You might want to call the rays and just see who they'd ask for, because then you'd know that's the guy If you call the Rays, and they're like, Give me that guy. Nobody's talking about it in the rookie ball, You're like, Okay, cool. Hang on to that guy because that's the kind of the rays of identified. Exactly that I should be talking to him in any way is just to see what kind of weird lo tier prospect that they've fixated on. Yeah, exactly. So you mentioned the money thing, and I saw Susan Slusser on the Chronicle on Friday morning and made a note that the Giants inside I think it's six years if we count The addition of Tommy less Stella, six guys this offseason to a total of like $18 million. You had an article a couple weeks ago. That kind of blew me away where you talked about how basically after this season outside of Evan Longoria and a couple arbitration guys, and I think the way you phrased it was some middle relievers. There's basically nobody on the roster at all, and it opens up completely for a huge free agency class. I have never seen a giant's roster like this, where you are not fighting against long term contracts at all. I'm actually writing another piece about Tommy Lost L a right now. And you know when you're talking about the number of guaranteed contracts they have in 2023. It's Tommy lost Ella. That's it right now, And if they're going to be good, it's gonna because of a cavalry of young players were going to be making less than a million dollars. So it's like you have both things trending in the direction of financial flexibility. You don't have the long term contracts in place right now, and you're gonna be counting, you know, sink or swim with a bunch of young players who are making basically peanuts. So the Giants have just so much flexibility, and they're not cashing in on this year, and it's a little bit surprising, But I guess it should be someone expected. I thought there would be a little bit more or chatter about like a George Spring era. Trevor Bauer, something like that. But they're really committed to just jumping in the next offseason, saying, Okay, who we get in we get out of here by is Trevor story, Francis Golden Door. What's up? How we're gonna fill shortstop. Let's attack the pitching, then lets you know that's how they're gonna look at it And look the call any contract to give the timeless seller right now. It's not gonna make a dent in their payroll for 2023. There just aren't that many guys. We're going to be making money for them. And the other thing is that they're planning on a whole crop of young players coming up over the next two years. The hope is that your mark Alicia Thanos and your 100 bishops and your Seth Cory's in your Sean jellies that all these guys end up making an impact, but also now they're going to be totally open as you mentioned to go after one of the three you just named or the one that really intrigues me because it's kind of a twofold movies. Going to get a guy like Corey Seager, who's a free agent next offseason. Yeah, absolutely. It's folly to protect Oh, you know, the Giants are definitely going to do this. Next off season. There are five premium short stops available next off season when the Giants will a need A shortstop in B have a boatload of money to spend. There's Bias story. Lyn Dork Corey Seager..

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