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It still doesn't really get old even the just the more that i hear the only dealing with that i found ran of was the whole thing about how nigel brad and can catch the ins nigel brought him as a linebacker they don't necessarily need to catch the ball but i guess that's neither here nor there i mean they want to sue also cares i do want to revisit the lombardy thing a little bit because i i don't know like i listen a different podcasts mull over the place i i try to listen to the to the podcast from the football intelligentsia if you will add see like what kind of things are being said so i will listen to mike lombardi and its ringer podcast because a lot of people give you ridiculous if you if you watch football analysis on tv there's too much as milk toast nonsense about how well if you wanna turnover battle or up if you place sixty minutes all this nonsense alex people with interesting opinions about football and mike lombardi certainly fits that but this has to go down right here but we're about to play as one of the worst opinions ever stated about the nfl in the history all of this league of eagles head coach doug peterson not everyone knows peterson is it a head coach he might be less qualified to coach a theme than anyone i've seen in my thirty plus years in the nfl peterson was barely corn data before he became head coach imagine if we elected states president who didn't have any real training sorry don't answer that look these eagles looked increasingly sloppy and unprepared it's the two thousand sixteen season went the law that any change in in seventeen rumble the eagle's admit their mistake will they throw away seventeen stubbornly sticking to the peterson principle via mortal roared rubin lasted fifty one games i bet vote peterson last way less than that it's just so funny to list that's courtesy of all the ringer michael on board a former executive with the raiders the rows and the patriots i think mike has to super bowl rings in fairness and mike knows a lot about the nfl probably way more than i will ever know and has forgotten all those usual cliches but mad that is just.

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