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Light that we now can sort of see at the end of the tunnel was so not a part of any of our realities. So i think to be creating in that sort of vacuum was he had so emotional while and i think to your point there's so much emotion and that's why comedy works such a great vehicle for panic and i. I'm sure there's folks at home who are gonna have to see this movie. I wanna process the last year. And i would love to do it with a laugh instead of cry. How how can people find how it ends. Where can they watch it. Okay thank you for a platform to say this. They can watch it on items or amazon prime or bazeley on demand everywhere It's also in select theaters across the country. But yet there's a number of options. So i do hope that your your listeners check it out yeah i have a hundred. Well love it as much as everyone who has seen it does. I wonder you're one of those people who i look at. And i'm like i wish i had an eighth the self-discipline like oh please. No we all have those things right. And you know i'm like reading random. Social science reports about stats like granted fascinating. But i'm like. I wish i'd made a movie in quarantine like what what i do this year and i really wonder. Do you feel that you feel ownership of the depth of your creativity or are you like most of us you know with like your brain on a hamster wheel thinking about what you have to do next. Will i fall. You did so much in quarantine. I look at you and i'm like how is she doing. All of this outfielder no. Yes but just for their. Yes but i mean you know just your workers as activists outside of your work as an artist is just so inspiring to me and i just wanna say that. I am just in awe of of your disciplined in that in that realm and the amount that you give and show up and the amount of shit you take for it. I just so deeply am inspired by you but yes i think. I'm always on the hamster wheel to answer your question. It's really hard to celebrate accomplishments. And i try to pause to do that. But there's also like with each accomplishment. And i'm sure you experienced this to a momentum then feels like the stakes are so high that you need to jump on it right away or everything goes away. So there's a lot of like anxiety all the time about how to elevate the next thing and how to output more. And so i think i still struggle with that a lot because output is also as. I've said many times in this conversation like it's also an incredibly important tool for me. Personally i can also really like where myself down. So it's that difficult. Combination of like artistry and rest. That i do not understand. Yeah hard to setting specific goals..

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