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Now when we're talking about what we're seeing with ghosts pacers It can be traced back to the first real ghost show called ghost watch. I have never heard of this all right so this is actually a bbc documentary. Okay which later you find out. It's more of a mockumentary. However when they came out with ghost watch they didn't say that it was a mockumentary that none of it was real. They actually played it off as it was really happening. These things going on and they actually did a call in line where you could call and ask questions about the investigation in this came out in nineteen. Ninety-two was actually billed as drama and aired october thirty first nineteen ninety-two. It quote investigated the most haunted house. In britain it involved for investigators michael parkinson sarah green mike smith and craig charles as the interviewer and it dealt with a fictitious suburb of fox hill. Drive northolt in england In there were so many people that believed it was real that if you told them it wasn't real day still believed were more terrified of anything. Oh so that kind of gave way to the ghost reality shows now the only two that i'm really going to focus on. Obviously i'll touch on a few more are ghost hunters because that was the first real what we would consider paranormal reality television. Show and the first episode of ghost hunters aired october. Six two thousand four on the scifi channel and it started jason hawes and grant wilson as long along with their team from taps so taps eight the atlantic paranormal society which is based in warwick rhode island was founded in nineteen ninety. Wow really by jason hawes and was originally the rhode island paranormal society aka rips. I like it and actually jason and grant met through the rips website and it was actually grant that contacted jason. Oh cool because he was actually interested in improving the site and thought he could be of help his like your website sucks better sometime path. They met up at a donut. Shop started notching ideas from one another and it ended up drifting away from the website and more towards the paranormal and synthesis website received quarries from all over the world eventually because in the first couple of seasons there in pennsylvania and things that kind of encompass rhode island. Because obviously they're only going for overnight. Investigations yeah they eventually changed their name to the atlantic paranormal society or taps and the website receives an average of a thousand case requests per day. Wow i saw the taps website back in the day. I couldn't even imagine how bad the rips website was man curry. the original taps team included. Jason hawes obviously grant wilson duff. Avi avi both of which were wrote a router employees by day taps investigators by night. So wait did they. They didn't know they weren't Rotor rooting together previously. They may not have been on the same team but then they're like no. We have to work together all the time. So we can shoot this footage Ari so that we got jason got grant to be added. Steve zola's ryan harmed donna. Donna dave tango and andy anders. Dave wasn't an original member on the show..

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