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And now we're into the mile where again it ended up it. I thought thought this was the funniest Ebb and flow story coming in and out of Breeders Cup which was early on the mile was going to be the Philly in the air and then everybody got all excited about finding alternative runners and then when they're in the stretch you realize oh it's the Philly the mayor thought about all along exactly. Yeah when I when I kept looking at this race but I thought that uh-huh was the most likely winner but when Bolo scratched I keep looking. I kept looking at the race and I said you know what there's almost no early speed and and I'm thinking what was the name of the worst I bet on the Frankie Dettori. It came up in The Hague who became it became a talking horse all week right. Hey Command and and again I knew what I had behind it and it was going to bet what I was going to bet on the turf that I knew that all all day so I knew that that was always going to be there so I said well you know what. Let me take another shot. Try to win it now with this horse 'CAUSE I had enough back all if I didn't win then I go ahead buddy to play with so I had levels From totally to hey demand I bet some exact with Hagen second second behind and another name I can't remember and then I bet command to win again trying to get over a hundred and breaks perfect perfect and all of a sudden wins the Woodbine mile coming off. The pace is up there hassle. What are you doing good at it and was is there? And I wasn't GonNa wire-to-wire the fraction exactly opposite of what I thought they would be actually set a perfect for any for the late runners. You Might WanNa Ready. Yeah I I got. It was kind of a free bed given what I had behind it that I could take another chance with the money that I had. They try to win the conflict. Well and I'm curious because at this point now there's the distaff turf and the classic left and what was your. What was your mentality at that point because ultimately here you're gonNA you're GONNA hit Vegan? The TURF and not participate in the classic was is that what was your thinking going into. The the last big three didn't like the classic never liked the classics thought. Four horses could when Didn't have a feel for it. Didn't have a feel for how they were going to run. It wasn't true who was speed. One just never felt comfortable. I ended up picking Mackenzie first second or third. I did have a little bit of billboard so I said I'm taking my run at it right now and the staff. Yeah Look I. I consider the race amid they start out to be a mistake And I I wouldn't have exact anyway but basically all I was trying to do their. Steve was get enough money in case I miss the turf to try to win it on the classic. Even though I it wasn't anything well I there were tries. I was Gonna the point is I think I probably would have hit the try. I'm not sure if it would have been enough to win It turned out. It was irrelevant because when the term AH wasn't gonNA play the classic But Yeah I just completely missed on the distant but I was more thinking just staff to try to get the money for the classic in case I well and the distaff. What was your thinking in here because again? We're we're dealing with a an even money favourite in midnight be sue and she was funny because There there was that same dialogue going into this this that you know she particularly for those that you know that use Premium performance numbers. You know the dialogue again was his. She's no faster than several year. Yeah it was interesting. I was wrong about that race and I watched obviously every one of her races. I bought her last last work. was sessional again watching the expertise and then being there live on for Wednesday morning just to get everything. It's such A. It's such a great help And I I watch and I said she just one of these horses it's going to run fast enough to win And she never looked like a winner at anytime in that race. Just this understood the race and it turned out. I didn't have the winner anyway. It Mike Vaccines that use for Morse's a on workouts Be On form cycles and fire figures and all the stuff I usually use it. Yeah just completely wrong about that. Basement the great thing about this context author. You could be wrong a lot. You only got a couple of times well. And that's true Breeders Cup in general. Tell everybody you not not only. Can you be wrong about horses. You can miss that and and then in fact be at some point just be right about even even a horse that doesn't win and betting them properly is everything and technically. That's the story for next where you're going to bank one. One hundred thirty seven thousand dollars on a two thousand dollar bunch and talk about what you saw in united that made you think that that he could be on a par late with bricks and mortar is so i. I didn't think he was GonNA part Brexit mortar. I thought he was going to be closing. There's pressure from that standpoint. I I didn't think that when I thought was when none of the good euros came and in all the channel cats channel makers and all your courses that take turns beating each other came it was pretty easy to eliminate half the field Someone twice 'cause I just wasn't you gotta be enough for me to get anywhere at some point performance and when Chad Brown decided to run the mile a half. If you remember all your logging 'cause they kinda got a mile We're GONNA do something different or we might not even running the skull that told me he saw what we saw that the rain. It was a week Breeders Cup turf. For what what we usually see. No it ain't none of the European superstars so I can see the rain. Brexit border because I watched the Bronco ear and how good he was and and a lot of things like the life except bannon Iran Ortiz. So how did that come out with the United again process of elimination to a point twice to appoint I needed a big one and the workout. Who was the was the best I saw of any of the horses in the turf? I didn't see all the work. That's because obviously some of the workout. You're not seeing but I thought it was substantial. I'm getting Richard Bandala. I'm getting Flavian. Pratt is the best writer in California and other than tyrod you could actually make the case. He was riding better than Iraq was on somebody log shots over the weekend. He was riding gray and the fact that I knew at that stage. I was going to need a nick price and I told the guys are playing with that. This is going to be a minimum of one hundred dollars in probably more and I WANNA save two thousand four could hits. It's going to get into the six figures And in what not perform past performances thought they were okay but nothing special. He was more like well. It's kind of a a plotter And actually thought again he was going to be closing rather than brochure closing on him And the last thing I soci that question for me was the week of the race in that in the notes and I try to read everything Mandela said because there was some kind of flat in the race before. It's been sick after the race. That's why the performance was like that. I said that's it. That's the one I'm going to save something perfectly two thousand dollar punch for that race and if I'm right and basically I'm trying to beat a couple of other courses for second with the way I look at it if I'm right it's two thousand is going to become a hundred data became honored thirty seven. I was wondering if you were if you had to save look on your face that Mandela did. I was standing on the on the track. You know waiting for the horses to come back and Richard came out and had this absolute a wide kind of look. At the kind of bemused used smile. You know if if somebody told me he was gonNA finish second. You know that united was going to run the arguably the better race than Omaha Beach. I don't know if he would have if he would have believed you but I mean the united comes closer to winning his race then then then Omaha beach that is That alone was a story. Yeah it it was something I mean. What a beautiful right I mean people could chance to watch the replay practice everything? I did a great ride as I'm watching the race and say to my friends at let's say that We're getting exactly what we want with united not exactly. I thought that I thought he'd be behind. Bricks and mortar put borders surrounded by channel. Whatever channel the one place that go steadying? I'm gone now. We just need this tour. Stick it out and get some room to run and finally and then you're looking at your side you're gauging. It is enough time and what comes first the wire at fortunately for us. I can only imagine it's wins. This you get nothing. What would that have been? What kind of feeling that a bit? Yeah I've been there before anybody. Everybody knows me at the racetrack. I'm one punch exactly guy that's all. I'm doing forever and if it comes the other way I'm willing to deal with the consequences but what I liked to have. Maybe like a couple of hundred three nine. Yeah with a with a hundred yards ago. Yes didn't I didn't have the right number unbelievable and you bring in one hundred thirty seven thousand two hundred and you know I. I was taking screen in caps after each race and I got a few of the leaderboards up out onto onto twitter but I i. I realized later that that the one with you had not had not taken root it. It ended up in the drafts. Section of of you know twitter her and I found it later but you know what what are you thinking at that point now here. Here's the did you think you was going to be enough or did you think we need to do something in the classic I gave it a Lotta thought. My biggest problem is I said earlier in the class. 'cause I just didn't have a strong opinion Had I had a strong opinion on a horse I felt fairly competent was gonNA win..

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