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In Yukon's Dawson city. The downtown hotel has an old tradition. That comes with one rule. You can drink it fast. You can drink. It's slow but your lips must touch that gnarly to- that's in respect to the sour dough cocktail often served with one part whiskey Sqi and always served with one part preserved human toe. The Downtown Hotel has been serving the drinks since nineteen seventy three. And we've been talking about it on our show pretty much ever since. It all started with Riverboat Captain Dick Stevenson. Mr Stevenson died yesterday morning and white horse. He was eighty nine. Mr Stevenson's spoke to former as it happens Dennis Trudeau in nineteen eighty Captain Stevenson. How did this hour to- cocktail come to be in the first place? Where did you get? The toll bought a cabin for my cup of Plaster Minors it's sorta retired getting too old Auto Louis lichens couple Norwegian. Thermometers rum runners. Ars trappers prospectors affecting our country heard the toys in there when I was cleaning out off an empty pickle jars a. d. either the toll rattling around. Where did the token from have they used to run rum during probation days between NEOCON over and we're Alaska and on one trip. They wearing wearing marcus when he got an over for that water. Thunder needs to smell. It is what wet frozen pictorial gangrene set in. His brother passed Opie rummy. Didn't have nerve enough the cutoff toffee. Charlotte offers a thirty thirty rifle towers. elder out of hotel. I dreamed up this Cocktail it's it's sort of a takeoff Robert surfaces ice firm cocktail where they participation Spaghetti with red spots in which we do it for rail they try to Human Beethoven bear from Champagne and down Classes Champagne we call it a sour cocktail champagne. Anto Santo Follow Towel. Unfortunately happen does summer. Yeah he was. Count Makara Creek area. Gary Young's rang. They say a US hold sorta six the next day swallow. Yeah he was He was pretty loaded. Ninety back right off the chair whenever taking allows Golf Karen went over backwards when they hit the ground and kind of health. Talk to all because quite a feat by itself. I didn't think it could be done. How big was the tote it swell down the first joint not the big toe? The nail hair towel not about mentioned half long normal human big towel people have tried at this hour told cocktail number. Seven hundred twenty five hundred seven hundred and twenty-five Warren Hellman. Pierre Burton his daughter. They got hers. I I made my about Last summer she drank got reluctantly. What do you get when you when you managed to drink this hour? To- cocktail after Catholic. Made up here remember our co crop and was hoping to break at one thousand mark and then take a membership on them running club. We'll do it next year. What are you GonNa do though that you have no telling where we're GONNA? I would like to put an ad out and get some toes and I made a promise I if I haven't got a call by the next year I showed my own off and I've never back the dairy yet so I'm hoping to get some toes special trip outside this winter. Make sure I got to tell us what I just WanNa Lewis Line. That is Dick. Stevenson the inventor of the sour to- cocktail speaking with former as it happens dentist Trudeau in nineteen eighty. Mr Stevenson died yesterday. He was eighty nine now. In addition to being gulped down by accident the toes also been swallowed on purpose. It's been the subject of a police investigation and it was even at the center. Her of a brief manhunt after it had been stolen today. More than one hundred thousand people can say they know what a mummified human toe tastes like. Well it's unclear whether Mr Stevenson did in fact sacrifices on to- to keep the tradition going. His daughter has said that one of his final requests was that she dry out how many ever toes Rosie had remaining and donate them to the bar. ooh.

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