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US dollars price tag has entered local farmers, drums and phone. Our technology have been deployed in Indonesia to search for a lion passenger plane, which crashed into the in Oceania in Australia and actress at the center for defamation case involving actor Geoffrey Rush says he deliberately touched her breasts on sage leaving her feeling frightened. A magnitude six point two earthquake has hit the North Island of New Zealand, so far there's no immediate report of damage Novi onto Africa at least nine people were injured when the thirty year old woman blew herself up in the center of. Asia's capital Tunas. South Africa's security services have been accused of catching politicians phone after sex tape emerged turning to the Middle East. Matthew hedges the British academic accused of spying? The United Arab Emirates has been released on bail. The US has released do American Saudi citizen who was detained without trial for thirteen months on suspicion of being a member of Islamic state group look into Europe German former nurse accused of murdering one hundred patients is to go on trial vulgarity prosecutor say they smashed a passport scam which saw thousands. Fortunately, acquire Bulgarian citizenship to travel and work throughout the European Union. Look into lenton America construction of a partially built new airport of Mexico City is to be hotted after it was rejected in a referendum Brazil's far-right president-elect your boss narrow says he wants the country's best known anti. Decryption judge to be just as minister or to serve on the supreme court and finally North America. The Pentagon sending over five thousand trips to the bar with Mexico as thousands of Central American migrants walked the US American rapper and fashion designer Kanye west has designed merchandise for bracket, which is a campaign to encourage black Americans to put the Democratic Party. Thank you. That's headline survey for today, Syrian Kaz. Parliament sticker says developing political crisis could soon become a bloodbath the president ousted and replaced the prime minister and his cabinet though. The prime minister is refusing to leave office a person was code this weekend when they bodyguard the ousted oil minister fired at a crowd of people protesting outside his office, president Siri centers moved to suspend parliament. And appoint the man he defeated in the tuna fifteen presidential election Mahinda, Raj. Paxson as the new prime minister has sent shockwaves across the relentless. So for more on this. We're now joined on the line by professor one the director of South Asian and central Asian studies at the Shanghai municipal center for international studies could mean professor wanted for joining us. So the president has appointed a new prime minister by the ousted prime minister is refusing to leave saying the move as illegitimate. So what is your take on the legitimacy of this move? I know this has a problem prime minister corP, everyone to support establish a democracy and resolve the constitutional crisis. But at the speaker reject the reports of AG currently firing prime minister post and October thirty Colombo Sri Lanka speaker today. Rejected media reports which you said the attorney general had a qualified a speaker who was to have the power to the regiment of the prime minister's Anisa well and borough president. Three. Yesterday. Had the matter with ambassadors of in Atlanta, appraise the them the regarding the prevailing pretty cool situation of the country and during this meeting, the president is brand the promise regarding the comforting wrong in this team within the previous government, which led to appoint the new prime minister diplomacy, the promise express, their views that they with relent here to the constitution of the country will conduct diversity in a matter. And would I show the law and order at I hope so notice that the UK America government, and you also have issue to persuade the Iran pasaden- to have more to have more. Open to acepted the that the the different opinions. But the president emphasize new prime minister was department Ricard into his power vested in him in concentrations. So I believe that. This is correct. So why? China has already had a had had recognized the new prime minister. So what do you think is is is exactly behind Princeton decision to replace the prime minister? I just I often I don't know whether it is correct mainly because of the power transfer all power. And local in action scenes not cover or a two thousand eighteen the People's Front..

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