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Not the plan. I don't believe going into this, but you know the way that it played out right now a close game. I don't think most people would have expected 33 a half time but You know, this Buffalo team is really dangerous and following up on the performance that they had, particularly defensively down the stretch there in the fourth quarter against the Colts and the You know the Hail Mary Pass break up after they, you know, had the penalty and then give Philip Rivers a fresh set of downs last week like I That game was coming down to the wire to begin with. Off loans of escaping that you know by a three point win, But this defense can play close games in ways that they might not have been able to, particularly in the red zone earlier on this season, and I think that that's probably their greatest sign of growth. At least till now, So I'm curious. I'm eager for the second half to start to see. Do we finally start seeing the Ravens get a little bit closer and you know that they're able to score and just to see how the bills Red Zone defense. Especially that secondary is able to handle them a couple of things, so I said the three rushing attempts Courtney. One of them is from Devon Singletary for three yards, the other actual running back. The other two are from Josh Allen. Lamar Jackson, meanwhile, has seven carries for 18 yards. Courtney which quarterback do you trust the most of these two in the second half of this game? I would trust Lamar. If they're not going to make him have to do everything because right now they don't have a lot going for them. Offensively, they haven't been able to to score outside of Justin Tucker's, You know, third field goal, So I would like to trust Lamar if they can keep those passing numbers, you know, not see some sort of huge influx there in the second half, but you know the way that Josh Allen's playing means he's 13 22 120 yards right now passing. I think he's playing all right, so I still I don't know My money's still on Lamar in this game. Yeah, I'd say Lamar to Josh l It's just been a little bit erratic, but some of the throat But five years past guys, some of that is the wind and maybe they should run the ball and second, I don't know up. Next, we dive back into the Packers reaching another and F C championship game. I'm Aaron Goldhammer with Courtney Cronin. This is Game night. It's ESPN radio, the ESPN app..

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