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Oh he's hidden. Hey, hey, no doubt about US sixty five folks whatever you definitely bigger than a lot of people. But Hey, how did it? Who the data say minute who looked at me? May I could our one me out? You probably, Agean investable basketball at best one the probably you're probably win because that's just a society I, don't do the basketball number but but let anything else. Mass you know one man in his arms who look like you over my six hundred dollars lifted s I've been looking like this is key you can admirable me. Newly shape I am a walking and walking post. So you, WanNa. Have a push up contest or 'cause it's. Young. What's that thing? Whenever like people get together it's like a triathlon is that what it is where it's like you do three different things, right? Oh Nessie Y. P. Border Wars. I. I that's listen. They gotTA play. All he got. Back and he had a joust. He won't make it through the first challenge man my ironman the first challenges church. I'm a real man I'm. I don't screaming show a play, a man's game chess on o'clock but no, no no. But that's that's what I'm saying is we gotTa pick your thing, which is what we got to pick his team, which is a tracker across country I can't remember. In any given moment talk to me? I. Don't play Little Kid Games understand I'm forty fuck I looked like running on the track you try and. Try to hold onto your not I'm bird. Who took. Do a foot race my man like listen dog box number you just nonsense man look at all the fucking clown emojis and laughing out loud. Why would you want to be the butt of a joke? Every recall Majed in Florida talked to me. Would would. Appreciate. The show Walmart work I have fun with the Little UK people trolling and everything Syria but Yeah. Man My call today is it ain't even about the topic y'all need to get these likes up subscribe. You know what I'm saying and then you K- Yup we talking trash what's up with those donations stop shoplifting everybody stopped shoplifting show some love man that's all I got though we'll work today your. Penders, counterparts from Bo and Bama for the CYP. He meant. Thursday. Friday today's Friday. But he put Wednesday's show I don't know. Oh, that's not a count upon sorry. That was just a donation to the C. P. Wednesday's show. Sorry not counterpunch guys get super mix. Of Mr. Supermac. says. Let's settle this once and for all out shipping if others will how much for the on demand ness versus CYP debates show. How contribute? Here's the thing though on the you for say I would rather see all debate something that like. Like debate style where they get like random topic. I. Wouldn't want a topic to be given. This is what we should do if we would ever do that show we'd give like list of topics to you a list of topics to see why P and we just picked three of them. So at least could be familiar, but it's got to be on the spot. You know what I'm saying you know I know nothing to come in with like. fucking Microsoft word. powerpoint projections. But at the same time I, also know that if he has some preparation it'll. Both debates would be better that way. Know get some room and Lord. You have real quick jared Lloyd on the Super. Chat says, Cyp got all of these counter-punches and still says, nothing female energy is where he provides hit the call Thomas one time in his honor to the bud tenders. Your favorite fighter is daffy. Duck Aka the Nebraskan ill billy. Jerry Lloyd just goes on like our long runs with with the call Thomas on. Then, he gets a New York City first time caller a nine one..

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