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Benchmark even later this week. A new CDC report says in person learning for students is possible with little in school Corona virus transmission as long as it is done carefully the CDC highlighting 17 K through 12 schools and Wisconsin that opened with mask wearing small groups of students, social distancing of staff and quarantining after exposure. Over 13 weeks, 191 students and staff tested positive, but only seven were linked. A transmission in school and all were students. It appears no staff members. Got it at school, the report and two prior CDC research finding communities within person learning following strict rules do not have a higher level of spread. Alex Stone ABC News, It adds to the existing evidence that in person learning can be done safely if safety rules are followed. Today. The Biden administration is talking with lawmakers about their proposal for a nearly $2 trillion coronavirus relief bill for Americans that will help the nation recover from the effects of the pandemic. Some Republicans are arguing that the price tag is just too high, especially since the previous $900 billion bill was passed last month, but that the daily White House press briefing today Press secretary Jenn Souki says that the number reflects the sun reflects the consulting with economists as well as health experts weren't trying to get a shock value sticker value with the president relied on the advice of economists of health experts and others who Who recommended this is the size and the components that are needed now not just to distribute the vaccine, but to provide certainty and a bridge to the American people to get to the other side. Meanwhile, today, the Federal Communications Commission says it is also investigating the widespread Internet outage that affected much of the North Eastern half of the U. S today, the acting FCC chair. Says they are reviewing reports and trying to find out what happened. This comes as thousands of people from Boston to Washington, D. C. All reported problems with Verizon and Comcast Services in a tweet today, Verizon said one of their fibers in Brooklyn was cut, though it is not clear if that is what caused that massive outage. Radio 60 W TV ends for the Blue Jackets on the ICE Tonight, taking on Sergei Bobrovsky and Florida Because of Kobe postponements, the Panthers have only played two games so far. They want to both offseason acquisition. Baco Koivu expected to make his jacket's debut, seven o'clock face off on Fox Sports Ohio The spark I basketball updated service, The Legacy Retirement Group back guys moving up in the polls. 13th in the AP 15th of the coaches. Now they owes Penn State tomorrow night and a day Remember, it's in the sports world. It was a year ago that MBA icon Kobe Bryant, his daughter and seven others. Were killed in a helicopter crash from the central High Ohana Dealer. Sports Desk. Matic Ortiz. Radio 6 10 W TV AD. I'm Alison Wyatt stay connected to Columbus on the hour at the half, and as news breaks, we'll see some scattered drizzle ending early this evening. Cold and wet. We could see some Patty re freezing on the road with a low dropping down to 29. Currently it's 42 degrees..

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