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And that is a revenge. Thriller plays a bank robber who was a master for small fortune of nine million bucks, and he meets a woman falls in love and wants to kind of come clean and start afresh life. So he calls the FBI to turn himself in and when they sent an agent, the agent decides to keep the money for himself well. The last thing you WanNa do is is take off Liam in a movie 'cause he'll pick up a cell phone just call you and say, Hey, I'm coming for you. And that means you got big trouble. Yes. That's right. So that's what he does. Now I mean the the guys like like sixty eight. So they do dial back a little bit on the the hand to hand combat and not as pervasive as it was in. The first couple taken movies, but he's still doing stuff from cars and blowing things up and being very he's a formidable opponent I. This is one of those Liam Nathan actions that it gives you exactly what you want. It's IT'S Junk Food Cinema know it's the movie equivalent of a big Mac. It's not gonNA, win any awards. It's not gonna be the greatest thing ever but you know it's enjoyable. It's kind of fun to watch. It gives you everything you would be promised with a Liam niessen movie where he's threatening people on revenge over cell phone. That's what you want, and it's not trying to break the mold and that's kind of what makes it work I want them to remake Schindler's list. Sequel to it call up call of Hitler and be like I know who you are and I'm coming for Ya Schindler's list to Schindler's pissed. Wow. All righty. Dan. You know what's interesting Liam Niessen because you GotTa love. MICA. Right. On The Voice of God coming into the. Whole. But now the first couple of taken movies I have to admit and I took some heat from this but was doing movie reviews way back. Then it was like a quivalent of Dark Ages I I didn't buy into Liam Niessen in that role I just really didn't work for me. It took me a while to get used to him you know just been. I'm coming for you. It took it took them Juki fifty seven more releases and you're like, okay. Start to see it. Does work I get it. You know. What I mean he's he's a big guy and I think that's what really sold it. But what's funny is he had a full long career in Ireland before you even started doing American films in the nineties you know. showed up a couple of years in the original movie crawl. So he showed up every now and then in an American or or across production but he had yet end big career, and then he moved over into American films. And just it's weird that in his late fifty settled into this I'm going to beat the holy shale out of you if you cross me. Nobody does work and. It's It's Comforting. It is comforting in an odd sort of way know we're talking about somebody beating the shale out of somebody well by the way? But it is comforting because it's something that isn't abnormal in twenty twenty. It's. It's not a great movie, but it's Kinda like you're like, Oh, I remember when we used to get those in the theater. I remember watching it and I was like, I'm like. This is fun. This is fine. Good, it's. It's. It's a little bit of escapism. That you haven't, and for that matter 'cause like some of the movies he's done in the past the like the last one he did worry a snowplow driver I think in. DENVER. Actually I remember that. That one is based on a Norwegian movie. So of course, they had to make sure it kind of follow the script there. This one I think is just an original script. So they're just like we're just GonNa Make Liam. Liam Neeson all over the place. s only he can do. All. Right. What's a backtrack? A little bit because we were talking about? Well, it's kind of an uphill battle for movie theaters. Terms of what their future is not because of anything that they're doing wrong. But let's say many theatergoers not early adopters in terms of getting back into theater, right? Yeah. Well, in a lot of a lot of that again and I remember saying this months ago the problem within. The movie are not essential I mean they're great and we love them but you don't it's not like a grocery store you you need to go somewhere and get your groceries. You don't have to go to the movie theaters and when you look at the at home experience, things have gone so high up in quality at the at home experience. there. There's there's a lot of options now and I think what that's done is that it's it's not. Giving people, other outlets. It's revealed other outlets that people are very comfortable with I think the way you're gonNA have to take out a second mortgage for your popcorn and A. Real butter on it as well. What about releases release dates? We talked a little bit about that. How many of the studios are pushing back those big release states? have any other fallen to that same plight? There's there's been a lot pretty much everything has been moved out of the out of twenty twenty I mean I think I think wonder woman is still sitting there at Christmas but but we'll see. They moved James Bond they. They moved soul out of the release date, and that's going directly to the Disney plus on Christmas Day..

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