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Because of fact having to do with my kids being sick that a second time had moved Joe Because of again sort of dealing doing with this stuff the guy totally gets. He doesn't bet he could. He could say what he says. He doesn't really benefit from doing. My podcast guys can have a nice life without doing doing this but I think he actually appreciate the back and forth on the dialogue and getting people a chance to Peek behind his own. Kurt so I really appreciate him Making time and coming on I actually thought that was a really good vibe. Our prior to Joe Buck a Conversation with James Andrew Miller on many things including ESPN how they will will Navigate the two thousand election cycle. ESPN and NFL. Before that Robert Clem go on being an NFL investigative reporter. Jimmy Traina now. Does these sports illustrated media podcast cast before that we did something on debts with Tim Burke before that Michael Smith formerly the ESPN a Sort of an exit interview and Isabella Ker Shooting and who is Moving from the Washington capitals beat the Washington Post to covering Russia. Do you like this kind of stuff. Just go in the archives. Check out stuff you like. Please leave us. A review. Five Star Review really helps and obviously comments help. This is basically we have Thanks stick around let me take Patrick. Antonetti my producer. Who really kick ass job this week? Sort of moving and shuffling things around as always. I really appreciate the support PORCO. Kanaan's Thirteen Chris Corcoran Spencer Brown Shaun Cherry and John McDermott. We will be back next week. I don't really have a guest yet but I will work on that and and Again thanks for the support. This is Richard. I'll see again on the sports media podcast..

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