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At some point that I think they weren't blazing me where we're coming for him. There was a ladder extended near the plane, the pilot wanted to grab his passenger and leave. So I convinced him to stay where they were. It's a dangerous situation that appears to be escalating. Teenagers in the area are getting their hands on counterfeit pills laced with fentanyl. The latest warning comes from Prince William county police in Virginia who've responded to three overdoses involving teenagers over the past week in one of the incidents a 17 year old boy in a manassas died in police believe the overdoses are tied to counterfeit forms of the painkiller percocet that are laced with the extremely dangerous drug fentanyl, a similar warning came out of Maryland last week when prince George's county police said they were dealing with multiple overdoses involving counterfeit pills in particular blue pills with the letter M on them, Nick Allen LA, WTO P news. Loudoun county public schools has a new leader, the county board of education says the school system will be led for now by Daniel Smith. I truly believe that this work is a calling. Throughout my career, I've always focused on keeping our students and their needs at the center of my work and I commit to doing that as your interim superintendent. Smith had been the school system's chief of staff, the move came two days after the board fired superintendent Scott ziegler after a special grand jury report criticized the school system's response to two in school sexual assaults by the same student in 2021. The former Minneapolis police officer who kneeled on George Floyd's back while another officer kneeled on his neck is expected to be sentenced today to three and a half years in prison. Jay Alexander king pleaded guilty in October to charges of aiding and abetting second degree manslaughter. The plea came on the same day jury selection was set to begin in his trial. His guilty play along with another officer's decision to let a judge decide his fate, averted what would have been the third long and painful trial over Floyd's killing. Coming up on WTO after traffic and weather, pop culture tells America's story in real time says the Smithsonian's newest exhibit. I'm John doman. It's ten 36. This week on federal insights sponsored by rancher government solutions, here Tom Hans, the director of container security at rancher government solutions, talking about securing containerized applications. We not only hold the position between each container pair, but we have the visibility into the application and packet levels to make accurate decisions on what gets to pass that demarcation point in live traffic. Listen

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