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Traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the tens John Morsi. How's it going down? Well, we need some good news. And I've got some good news all lanes open on the boulder turnpike. Eastbound at federal there is a stall still on the left shoulder that stalled may have caused the accident originally for you still got a stall on the left shoulder. But the HOV lane is getting by eastbound thirty six at federal all linked to open the backup. So not good news. A back before Sheridan that eastbound thirty six drive is kind of like it was before they added that the toll lane on the left side your drive on southbound I twenty five very crowded Joe is to seventy at seventy six lot of traffic out this morning problems on I seventy we've still got a couple. There was a stall westbound I seventy approaching Colorado that caused delays back before two seventy eastbound, I seventy on the east side of town f your area that's all backed up. Because of a crash that's actually off your your southbound just south of ice avenue. That is still a real slow drive on the east side of jail. They clear the crash on the west side of town on westbound, I seventy at thirty second young field. Drive through downtown is busy at the tech center. Drive Israel, heavy here this morning in the tech center. You've got cherry creek dam road closed for maintenance this week. That means more traffic is in your way as you make your way down Parker road. And also as you make your way down to five southbound before Parker down into the tech center. This report is sponsored by compassion international child with compassion is the most effective way to end extreme poverty released a child for poverty, would you become a compassionate sponsor. Here's your child now at compassion dot com slash radio. Do your part to release a child for poverty today. Seven twenty our next update KOA NewsRadio. Colorado's news, traffic and weather station..

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