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To do a preview. Show steve so we can call it appointment listening. Is that everyone who's just listened to us. Just come back next week and listen to us again. We'll just be showing you our program in florida. Excellent kim. i as always appreciate the opportunity to showcase the work of the t. r. f. That has the largest Obligation in after care. The biggest heard that Horses that in some cases They're going to look after for for two plus decades horses that might be with a t. r. effort for twenty five years and they need to not just be fed but groomed and their teeth than their hooves and any issues It's an incredible obligation and cam and everybody t r f Completely dedicated and all these kinds of initiatives deserve our total support and appreciation cam. Talk soon let me know Whenever there's something to communicate you know. I will thank you so much. Have a great day. Kimberly we're who's done a nice job on just the drum in keeping trs obligation really that Keeping it in in the public eye. And i'll send that link out specifically to the event and you can sign up and get rid middle. They'll remind you. And whatever. I'm doing next next tuesday. You can step away from ten to ten thirty to watch the live event and then come back because i'm available. Whatever we do next. Tuesday you can listen to that on the podcasts or the archive to so if you wanna watch live have added go. Make sure you make sure you support this and if you have a gift in mind you wanna designated gift toward this program. That's a nice idea to as i mentioned earlier when i brought up the little tidbit that j. primin explained in his piece about life is good work yesterday talked about a bit change and cannot stress. How important this can be and several years ago. Invi jack was was photographed in a unusual headgear. That people hadn't seen and we reached out at the time to woodbury. Pain and of course would vary at ingleside training center in virginia. And whenever we have these kinds of topics He's our goto. And i haven't talked to would in forever woodbury. Good morning. steve how are you. I'm good and I appreciate you doing this. Were essentially going to reprise The that conversation that we had in when you visited that time to explain the different kinds of bits that are in the arsenal of horsemen. It got a huge reaction because it's something that we as worse players and even his owners and casual fans unless you're unless you're putting that gear into a horse's mouth. It's party your you know your existence with horse. We don't really know much and You know unless we see a picture like we did that. Time with the martingale We don't know there's anything different in that horse's mouth. So i would love for you to get everybody acquainted again with The basics and then the options that you have a horseman to address certain behavioral problems with the horse certainly Actually bill gallons. They'll give me a hard time about that particular show because he being a lifelong Racing official had no appreciation for for different types of bit from In the pro for welcome reprieve to Stop watch in courses jogging in the mud. 'cause we got another into rain last night. The the Now you see me to think of it almost as apiece.

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