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The WFAN sports desk here's Jacob Wilkins and Paul Jose Bautista. Started, the scoring in the fifth, and he finished it as well the oh. Two on the way hit high in the air. To left field it's, got some legs Hoskins back on the track and, there she goes slam Say ten runs around, here And that made it fifteen to four courtesy of he rose on w. o. r.. And the Mets win game one of. Their double, header, in Philly by eight twenty four to four final Mets with forty runs. Over their past two. Games that's, a franchise record dmed Rosario four for seven with three army leadoff Homer Bautista finishing three for four with a grand slam and seven RBI Michael Conforto a solo Homer and three hits and with twenty. Five, of those in total now game two. Is underway, Mets and Phillies no score though Mets offense picking up where they left off a. Leadoff, double to begin things meanwhile Yankees continuing to struggle against the race falling three one today. To Tampa, at the stadium Yankees offense one for eleven, with runners in scoring position including being unable to score any runs with the bases loaded and nobody out in the ninety seven and eight against the raise this year two and seven in their last. Nine games against him jet second preseason game of the season against. The Redskins in DC tonight Sam darnold we'll play significantly Little League World series Stanton island advancing with five went over to. Moines Wyndham championship ranch snicker the four. Stroke lead, more, impressive shadow Lebanon for his first round in Greensboro sports at fifteen and..

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