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Minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance, 12 38 traffic and weather on the eights. Rita Kessler in the W. T o p Traffic Center. We're still dealing with major delays in Virginia on 95 both North and South Bell. But the bigger delay is in the North found direction pretty much out of dumb freeze all the way toward 1 23. The crash on the left side, South bound slows out of Lord in crossing the Aga Khan. That's a rubber necking delay. The lanes open, also north bound route one incredibly heavy in Woodbridge. So if you're trying to use that, instead to try and avoid this delay, that's not going to be much better from Dale City toward 1 23 now elsewhere in Virginia, westbound 66 now just to brief delay approaching Nutley Street. There had been work first on the left side than on the right side. Eastbound still heavy from 1 23 Tord Netley Within that long term work zone. You'll also find Ashburn Village Boulevard. It farm. Well, Road had been the scene of the crash that man Actually be cleared. Buckman Road near Russell Road was the scene of some downed wires in the roadway on the Beltway. The outer loop, last seen near the big curve was the street sweeping crew on the left side, not a major backup, but something to keep in mind. Also, the inner loop delays near the Suitland Parkway had passed Allentown Road, That's a work zone in the left lane getting across the Bay Bridge. No major delays. There are wind warnings. In effect, It doesn't carry any vehicle restrictions, but something to know about the earlier delays on the Baltimore Washington Parkway, south bound of East headed toward one night. The seven and powder mill road. So that earlier mobile work crew should have moved on as well. South bound to 78 28 west Montgomery Avenue. The right lane was blocked with the work If you're on, I 70 in the eastbound direction coming out of Hagerstown, Watch for the delay in the area of South Mountain, trying to head past 17 in Myersville, This is Ellen emergency work. So that got set up earlier today. That's gonna be there until eight o'clock this evening. The left lane is blocked in that delay isn't going anywhere Music next present. Trusted allies of doctors throughout history. Doctors have used tools they trust to help them treat your illness is, but what did they trust when they have a coffin? Cold? Amusing Next? The number one brand doctors trust. I'm Rita Kessler. W T o p traffic. And our forecast from Lauren Rickets. We're windy today. Windchills in the thirties. Plenty of sun. Plenty of sun tomorrow lighter wind temperatures in the forties Christmassy rain mid to upper fifties warm and breezy rain.

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