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There's a bunch of companies reporting over the last week berkshires meeting. Can you give us will update. On what millennials should be paying attention to. Yes we're recording. Tuesday morning and sadly my prep for this was yesterday and my intention was to actually talk about the new. You know what. I wouldn't even say i'd say that this is something that we've talked about for. I would say three months. Now is the rotation value from growth. And what does growth look like. Well think of mean stocks and then everything that your grandpa owns is value or your dad and that that new rotation has been slowly occurring especially starting probably december twenty twenty and for a good portion of even from december through to the end of january value. Just did fantastically what represents value to me. I always think. Cnn rail premiums are casting retweet. No reits are up like fourteen percent this year. They're they've doubled. The s p five hundred. It's been fantastic so all the old economy businesses have really done well this year. They have an underlying cash-flow amazing but we had kind of rotation back out of it. So you'd see the best representation of growth would be arc air k. Kathy woods fund where it kinda Rallied quite hard through february march in a little bit april. Now today is d day. It feels like like we. We got if you start looking at the charts of peleton doc beyond meat and then more specifically are which owns a lot of these businesses and you now have this crazy inverse head and shoulders you've got are breaking through the two hundred day you have beyond me which is ugliest can be on the tailwinds of some really bad news regarding tyson foods coming into the industry and i mean just to give an investor perspective here. You have tyson foods which has been around forever. They decided that they're going to get into the artificial meat game. They trade at one times revenue. Guess what beyond me trades it already. Basically so you have base infinity times revenue and then you have one times revenue. Tyson foods sells a ton of beyond me and its market cats. Only three x. So if you're an investor and you see this arbitrage i do not own tyson foods even if you think beyond meat and like this industry itself is gonna do really well. How do you not speak okay. Well i'm gonna play that in tyson. It's just way better value. So you're starting to see this number of different industries peleton falling apart right now. So it's something you got really take. Heed of. this is something that i been looking at for a while. So keep an eye there but this whole in may it's definitely turning into a rotating may and go away so you go you sell your growth. You buy your value. You get paid to wait and you let the market journal summer. This is what i mean. There's a reason why it's saying so it'll be interesting to see how this goes like one of the best place for a lot of investors is likely just going to be. You don't have to pay any tax on some berkshire and rob to the races. And it's probably no coincidence that the berkshire hathaway meeting always happens. At the end of april. I mean right before cell may starts and it was a pretty exciting meeting for me. At least i thought it was because arguably i'd say that berkshire is north america's most powerful conglomerate. You have warren buffett. Who is i mean in. Almost any circle considered a god..

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