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It's a very interesting various situation, but not a not a smart comment by Stephen Jones. All right. Let's shift gears from the NFC east to the north. The big news item relates to roquan Smith in the Chicago Bears his holdout. Now after two weeks at this point, coach, Matt Nagy said that the issue relates to suspension language related to the new helmet rule. This is just absurd. Now it should be noted. I think a lot of teams since this new CBA went into effect, had language in the contract that said, you forfeit your guarantees. If you get suspended, that's been kind of standard, but that has really been about off field conduct. It's been about, you know, blatant agree GIS on field, conduct the both of the drug policies that what's been about. But it's been pretty standard language. I'll give the bears credit for that. But now we have this new helmet rule and not knowing how quick the teams will be to check is the wrestle me check your suspend guys and that rule being new. I just don't know how if you are roquan Smith, if your roquan Smith agent or agents, right? How can you can't sign that? He gets a four year fully guaranteed deal. What if the first preseason game, which by the way he would not playing because it's Thursday night and still not saying what if he hits a guy and they throw a flag and up suspending him for a game, then one game news career. He loses all four years of guaranteed money. That's ridiculous. And by the way for the bears, I tweeted this as well at Ross Tucker. NFL hopefully most of you do. They're already following me. I, it's kind of, I mean, it's been two weeks now that they've been the rookies have been there for the bears, and he hasn't been there. He's missed two weeks. For a rookie. That is a lot of installation. A lot of technique work. It's a lot. You know, training camp days are like dog years. They're six AM the ten pm and they're chock full of football meetings walk-throughs practices. His missing a and the reality is he really, oh, it's really only hurting the bears because roquan Smith not gonna probably not going to miss any actual paycheck, and it doesn't really matter how he plays until you know. Br, basically, his third year he came in, he came in negotiating new contract till after his third year. So it doesn't really matter how he plays until after his third year, maybe even his fourth year. So it's just kind of silly. I mean, the bears are really only hurting themselves, and if I was his agent, I would never ever let him sign. You just can't do it. They gotta. They gotta put something in there that says, other than the new helmet rule, forfeits is guarantees. Other than the new helmet rule. You gotta do it. Geez, all right time for some.

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