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I'm not. I'm not a warriors fan. I'm not some bandwagon or like this person over here band wagons to find you over here? No, no. I have been a Laker season ticket holder back. I had season tickets when they were in the forum season tickets. When Randy fund was their head coach when Del Harris was their head coach when they were rolling out Cedric abolish an AC green like I've longtime season two. This is how Matthew tries to gain fans in every state? No, no. To stop it be quite. PC college team in Texas. You know, you got spread it around. It's always explain. Eight years old guys. The Redskins have never wavered from the Redskins lived out here lived out here for sixteen years was a season ticket holder. So never waver from the Lakers and obviously grew up in group in Texas giggle, Giga magnates group because there's no reaction. I'm very clear on on my allegiance is this one who's like a degree from there? I took a class there. Oh, oh, you know what? I once drove over by that place. So I drove over. So anyway, I don't wanna hear it from star on your bell. I just hope I get to ride an air conditioned car back if there's room in in in her place. All right. So what are we? What are we feel as we gotta show? We gotta do some talk, some football talk about garage Rex. Let's get right back on record and sick with the old new thing news or noise. I actually finally did a producer thing what I got. I know I know. Deal. And I actually got a sound made for news or noise thought, maybe we would unveil it here at the live show. Okay, but you can't be loud otherwise You're you're going going to to do do it. it. Four knows. Good. I was not sold trying nice jobs. He could squirrel. There you go. Work anchorman into a live show. It's a good thing. Korey Coleman. Anytime Daniel produces thing, right? Yes, sir about About that. that? I gotta be honest with, yes, sir. Did you borrow that? LeBron jersey from LeBron James junior, it's thug on you. Screw you like whatever gory Coleman. Gory Coleman shopped in the boys department. Like I don't wanna hear. Usually take the shirt off his mic gig. So I had to make sure that when you do it, you still under I gotta make sure you. I will say I had I put it on without the t shirt and boy that is bad. Look. That's honestly the t shirt is my present, Hugh I, if you had the under by six. You're biceps girl in reverse because little old, Mike. My my wife, God bless her is legally required to look at it. No one else out to see me moving along Corey Coleman. He was traded from the the Browns, who every every players concert that feels like it was there before John Dorsey current TM got there to the to the Buffalo Bills for twenty twenty. Seventh Brown. Is almost like I, it's. Right? And the Browns for say, to Corey, colon, a personal, pick just two years ago out of Baylor..

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