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You rebels radio presents the two of US shorts with Naomi Watterson Albert Frederick. High this is naming lattice welcome to the US shots myself Alba freshdirect talking to people across the globe about that pandemic experience. On its relationship to creativity, mental health emotional wellbeing. And, as always I'd like to trick a warning. These adult shows of the themes will be complex and interesting, and maybe it sometimes be triggering. If you're over ten the disposition today, put this on pause and put market for later saw otherwise dime, right. It gives me huge pleasure to introduce. A fellow artist photographer. Sculptor I got a lot of shrinks to by the lovely. Paloma Kandara have I said that correctly. Yes. Now I think when I first saw your work very slow your photographer, but that's quite limited description of what you do. You used photography to record. Your body an interactions with the sculptures you make so photography doesn't seem to be an adequate description. How would you describe yourself in terms of your work? I think I would describe myself as happy while artist. my background as you say is in a sculpture, but I found photography a way of. Doing Myself! In maybe in a different medium. I remember. After graduating are thinking. how GONNA. WORK AS SCULPTURE LIKE! I'm never going to be able to afford an escort jer like. Warehouse! Like appropriate studio so. When I started working in photography and I found that I will combine both mediums. It was like a wonderful way of like. With. A medium that. Me To. Maybe have less space because I don't know like with photography unique to have a huge studio to work. On I think that's why, at a No. I found like a way of combining two of my passions in my practice. In terms of your work now so drawing this pandemic chapter. How's your work being addressing that? Do you think? Okay Yeah I guess Set to be on his part of me, have to Kind of remember. How are you still abduct I think? During this isolation period, I felt Obata. I guess lost like I don't know why so do like. You know we don't have really guidance even about in terms of like going out in and I. Think I said to you in my old work. And I don't like maybe. Taking what I used to do before when I did a have like even in mediums to that myself. and. I haven't create much I. Have Been just reading mostly unthinking. And definitely I'm sure that decides. Election. Period will come into my ad work at being. I always work with my personal experiences. And I often have responses of the experiences through life. Making art. I've been thinking. It will be lake a specific a piece about isolation. But I think it will be maybe thrust laid in some of the languages. In the pace. If that makes sense does make sense because I think recommend anybody to look at your website. Because you often through themes Kazoo up to your your mother, your health having children I'm off on sometimes the body work. Is Simultaneously so fragile and strong, because it's your boating us in the work, and your faces faces sometimes. The thing that marks as most personal, but sometimes with the names of your work, the thing that makes it most personal for me. So how would you describe the themes that you're exploring or any is compelling things that you're looking at and your word? You're always. Drawn to over and over again. I think one of the things I look at the most east. How I would for these are like Basil's and how we are A. kind of like containers, so we contain in our own body. It contains you know our organs. But? Also you know our inheritance, our genetics and Mostly who we are lake is like where we come in from, but also even the memories and the trauma that we have through our lives are contained in this single body, and I think there's something that I often like look. And Reset. Something? That recently I have been thinking a lot about. human condition on what is. What if? health. Is actually the natural. Way of the human condition. What if actually illness east the natural way? And, then he's health something that maybe we haven't asked in society because we have to you know, produce and work and buffoon Shannon but Osama. Human beings we transform. And I keep thinking about this transformation and our body how you know. If you think about it. I don't remember my hands. When I was five years old. I know they would small. But then like you know, they have transform, and then you bully keeps changing and the same way physically change we chains. Internally. And I think those are the subjects I think. I kind of like I got rhythm. To make what? I think it's really essential. It's quite radical to save the. Health might not be the natural state of being that Warren the slow of state of. Of? Transformation and some the K.. Because of necessarily, but that baron flocks and the body isn't static and I think. Sometimes about so health narratives the body scene is very static. In at this point, I just say to people just put this on pause and go on the website because people will be able to say how you interact with these sorts of. Sculptures with sometimes the worte or uncomfortable or cellular. Did you do that consciously away? You just working towards the same when you just. Were overtaken by something on the knew that this was the. The sort of route you hats take. I have always worked very organically like I think I have always find. That I want to what with my hands yeah. I think they thought and a I don't know working with material and I liked to transform day materials into new things. So for example, my recent work on mutability. I started collecting these empty. Khartoum's and I didn't know the race on I just suddenly driven by like taking their. And then I. make paper much with them and I created new shapes of X.. which are oversized? I'm really big. and. Wasn't after half after I did the schouten when I realized I'm actually talking about for Tilleke I'm. Kind of wondering and questioning the balance in between. I were Maybe, genetics and our personal choices ourselves will. So I think in terms of my career in terms of all the. Protests are a half. I think everything came I. Being. Playful, maybe trying to find a way of how can I express? Is something that I have in me? With materials that I can find around the house or around normally. I work with things that they are accessible like textiles or things that I come find easily, so I start like make. I'm and then. Is When I. Like maybe you star. into the salary I guessed are and finding a way of. Keeping. The boys all of making a meaning of it..

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