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23 back to the roses. We checked traffic and weather together. Super retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes with Kevin Brennan. All right, A couple of trouble spots south of town here, Lori, we're watching the expressway North bound. Watch out for right lane crash Soon after that Neponset on Ram. Stay to the left to get around them once you do. You're OK up to the O'Neill Tunnel if you had South bound on the expressway. You're tied up here from Columbia Road down through Savin Hill Back up to speed. Soon after that, down to the split 93 north, about a mile back of approaching a crash before Route 37 here in that Braintree stretch and root three north, about about a two mile back up into the workers after route 53 coming out of hand over and getting up in the Rockland Over on the mass pike Westbound Watch out for the left lane closure inside the Pru Tunnel on over towards the massive overpass route nineties found seeing brake lights approaching workers at Parker Street here in Newton and route to East Bound. You got some brake lights into the right lane cruise before Route 1 10 1 11 here in Harvard. This report sponsored by news Nation on W G N America Facts, Not OPTION, Not Opinions News, not talk, finally and national newscast in prime time That makes you think, but not how to think. Watch news nations Starting September 1st at 87, Central on WG and America. Check your local listings. It's your news your Nation. Kevin Brennan. W P. Z's traffic on the threes. Thank you so much. Kevin. And now the forecast with Brian Thompson is going to be a very warm and humid afternoon with a mixture of sun and clouds, so there will be a thunderstorm.

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