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It's only year. I called because thirty minutes them, and I guess seven hours ago, the love magazine posted morning RAV hashtag morning love. So I guess that's her new less at that. But. Orderly woke up and on Instagram and called eve. I I want you to know that we're not doing patent. I guess we're morning of. So definitely a who. I'm not even sure that we can call it yet. Because I don't know love ACA with her and depend on by. I love this mystery. Because basically this had been something that we were wondering about, but we weren't the only ones wondering about it because there is an entire profile of love magazines, new editor in chief, Katie grand avenue. Founded it we too. She just took a turn. She was the original. She was new clearly didn't read this that closely. Anyways, business business of fashion. My new favorite publication reported this out they interviewed her and they were like what happened a love advent. And she's like hashtag metoo. She was like what are you talking about? What's avenue? I don't know. But it was great because they. The Bucatini as their main like love advent like they harped on the Bucatini. An you know, we love the Bucatini cannot do cotinine twenty eight teen. It's it's we're to for twenty eight team for two from obtaining, look at loves evolution alongside the Instagram generation of their of their models, the jenner's and Hadid's Carly's Carrozza stella's became their club magazine on self conscious chronicle of their world and play, but the climate changed post hashtag metoo a laundry Claude Emily radicchio ski Lou Lou Lou Brown. Just can you can you. British Asli, Lou brew racially. Wow. Never heard that before I've never said that would end my life. Blink have you read it even before I think, maybe I said, I've never said it loop racially slurping spaghetti in last year's advent counter was no longer quite the easy, breezy image of female empowerment that was intended when it was filmed earlier in the year. So like, I would say like we hit love advent when it got to its head like when it came to his head at the Bucatini. We were like this is absurd. And even love Adleman editor entries was like, you know, what pretty absurd like, I know. So she basically stopped and like pivoted to something else. Which really funny is that model Ashley Graham posted her her leg moving love or whatever they're doing now like different she tagged. It love advent and everybody was like girl like we're not like that's wrong, branding we're woke. No, it's not love. I called him stand. Why was why the title was changed?.

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