Hope Road Highway Cube discussed on Wisconsin's Afternoon News with John Mercure


More at Frieda dot com slash community. 3 20 traffic and weather. Let's start with nebulas a Deb. All right, Well, we do still have some delays out on the road right now. 41 south on we do have an accident that good Hope Road Highway Cube. To the zoo interchange. Still gonna be about 21 minute ride. That's an extra six south on 43 still about 20 minutes to get from Brown your road to downtown on eight minute delay. Part of the problem was an earlier accident on the high rise bridge, but that actually has been cleared. Downtown Layton Avenue back to a seven minute ride North found 43 downtown. A good hope road back to about an eight minute ride there. Westbound 94 from downtown all the way to highway 16 17 minutes. On the eastbound side, about the same with traffic and weather together on the 10th time. Fabulous W T m J w ay dot com W T M J five Day forecast Tonight Clear Skies ALOT 34 degrees tomorrow.

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