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Healey is investigating a major data breach. AT T Mobile, Healy says a compromise personal information of more than 50 million people across The country and a heads up. If you have an iPhone Apple now fixing a security problem with its phones that could let hackers into the phones without any action on the part of the user. And back to our top story. The preliminary mayoral election in Boston is underway today. It's a wine and historic field of candidates that will get cut down to just two polls will close at eight o'clock this evening. Now, remember, you still can vote if you're in line at eight o'clock? But election officials say if you were planning on mailing in a ballot, don't do it today because it won't arrive in time. There are ballot drop boxes all across Boston, where you can place that ballot instead. Also city Hall. Five major candidates have emerged so far, though you'll see eight names on that ballot. But here are the five major candidates running for mayor of Boston. Acting Mayor Kim Janey City Councillor Michelle Wu City Councillor Anissa Musavi George. And city Councillor Andrea Campbell, former economic development chief John Barros again notably all five of these major candidates are people of color for our women. The final election is November 2nd, where the top two from today's election will face off. But it's not just voters in Boston, deciding on which mayoral candidates will make it to the November election in several cities across the state. Incumbent mayors seeking reelection are on the ballot today from Brockton, framing him Salem, Gloucester and others. But here in Lynn There's no incumbent on the ballot, Mayor Tom McGee announced he's not seeking reelection. There are three major candidates on the ballot today. City Council president Darren Syrah school committee members Jared Nicholson and Michael Satur, wait. They're all well known in Lynn. They've been in one debate after another coming down the stretch to today, and it's a similar situation in Somerville, No incumbent on the ballot today because for the first time in 18 years Joe Curtatone E. There's not running for mayor of Somerville from Lynn Carl Stevens, WBC, Boston's NewsRadio mayor to governor. The California recall vote for Governor Gavin Newsom is underway as well. The AP's Julie Walker brings us up to date last night. President Joe Biden campaigned with Newsome Keep Gavin as governor. The rest of America is counting.

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