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So one nation isn't in a very strong position. This might change that. Them as toll king about issues that are important to people immigration being the centerpiece event. Hot right has been resurgent in many countries in recent years and wall will nations been a fixture for some time in Australia and Pauline Hanson's been a fixture in Australian politics, or some time is there any reason to believe that if there is a wave of increased support for parties of the heart right in other countries that Australia would be immune from that. Well, other countries such as Brazil as we've seen, and I'd obviously some of some of Trump's policies in the states. I mean, I don't think anyone is entirely immune to it. I not one nation is not mainstream by any means at the moment. So it seems unlikely that within the next six months as you said the national election must be called by two thousand nineteen. It's unlikely that there'll be a massive swing the far-right by that point stadiums tend to be quite motor it. Politically as a people. So I very much doubt. It that said as I said before immigration is a centerpiece of one nation and people in in the big city say off very frustrated what they see is up and congestion sewing house prices, and it's worth remembering the seventy percent of hundred eighty six thousand migrants he settled today last year all moved to Sydney old Melvin. So these these two cities in particular, some people have gaining straighted at what they see as a lack of space. Traditionally read me, suburban culture, gross. Thank you very much for joining us live from Sydney, you're listening to monocle twenty four..

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