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Or on demand so 126 now bloomberg money watch on ten ten wins this will be a big day for economic indicators wall street journal direction could be determined by the labor department's december employment report forecasters think about one hundred ninety thousand jobs were created and the unemployment rate remained at four point one percent other government reports will cover international trade and factory orders there may have been a slight acceleration in service sector activity is tracked by the supply managers nonmanufacturing index chief economist jeffrey cleveland at payton and ride goal talk to bloomberg radio about the tax overhaul saying it comes at a time when it's not really needed it outlook for gdp a little bit but i would feel i'll be on the us economy if we did not get a fiscal stimulus or tax plan the presidents of the federal reserve banks of philadelphia and cleveland will both be speaking in philadelphia today and insidious the last key and mali's game debut at movie theaters today bloomberg money watch at twenty six and fifty six past every hour i'm jeff challenger 410 ten wins every evening on the cbs evening news radio new jersey still a catholic hold thousand faisal both so what i say is what i mean that we are ready flat white supremacy what would you say to the folks in washington were talking about cutting back on that could and a have the blood of a lot of innocent people in re in disgust with the extremely dry conditions that are thriving xpress sweeping wildfire real news every evening ambush cbs evening news were getting a party start take day stop mike craziness twenty years ago that is not true rod eight zero glad i think under no from marriage what was gone borbon every day fowler you will arrive here tall zalm rhythm cbs weekdays zambia sunday at one shot at this guy was do this the ages ncis los angeles naval criminal investigative service no they are michigan we have got one define we need to go undercover no they were in the with capable of pool running out of time no no limits gone off book for this went off there is no book for this don't miss ncis los angeles cbs sunday or stream it live or on demand cbs tuesday what are we now ncis whose more than a team dare.

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