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She made and put together self-care bags during the summer of twenty twenty using her following on social media and continues to do organizing work. I am thank you for joining us. Thank you and so one of one of the first things. We like to hear from my guests because i guess this is a podcast called resistance. Calloway does that sound when when you hear that. What does that mean. What does it sound like to you. I feel like just to be a person of color is already resistance in times so does mine naturally go. Also it's called at nominees doing this. 'cause yeah hey. Cuckoo surviving and thriving in cutler is already distance. I like it. tell us a little bit. About what your journey of resistance has looked like and how it looked like. I guess you can talk about it in different what it looks like before what looks like in twenty twenty and you can feel free to mention some of the highlights and lowlights against the challenging the visions From your journey business on that resistance. I feel like when i hear that word. I think that usually in the past like before the pandemic i would have thought more like organizing activism protesting stuff like that and then i think with the pandemic and thinking about tokes of color particularly black folks having These underlining health conditions and how they were corporately affected by coal vaden. I think it just goes to what i said you know with your original question of just being i think downplayed how part that susan and mike how that's already resisting and so i think in the past i used to think that resisting was all these different contracts when things that i was working on doing and now i'm just like businesses that i got a bed saw Maybe a lot of people can relate to that this it's been a year I think that's where i'm at right now. After jackson reflections on hand moving baking things after and still during a for sure. I think i thank you for sharing that. Because i i have similar thoughts to when we think about resistance. We think about action. We think about something. It doesn't feel like it can be passive. And i think there's a lot of ways we can resist while being an awful or while being community family all while taking some self guitar for ourselves so here here to the different ways that we are learning And people of color have been learning to resist within their bodies Less was a bigger..

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