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And be there for your family the surgical weight loss instituted castle medical center is staffed by carrying experts any only centre of excellence for barriere trich surgery in hawaii not only will they share their proven surgical weight loss plan they'll help he threw diet exercise and education at castle medical center the doctors and nurses are more than just experts their lifestyle coaches will understand how much you want to be there for your son's graduation your daughter's wedding every baby who all that follows sounded good take the first death and visit castle met dot org or call to sixth three five one seven six castle medical center exceptional medicine by exceptional people you're listening to in sickness and in health brought to you by the castle medical center once again measure holes jazzmen rodriguez thank you for tuning in and if you're just joining us this as jasmin rodriguez your false for this edition of his sequeeze handed health we've been talking to other eu mata who is an aren and is also a wellness educator and tobacco treatments specialist about tobacco treatment and quitting smoking accenture in all these great things you know that um that we want you to know regarding the great american smoke out uh e cigarettes etc so abbey i wanna jump right into a third hand smoke i've never heard that so what is thirdhand smoking um it's new to me i mean i always thought his stop was second you know and it kinda vaporize in its own but tell me about your answer hence mugging okay i'll be happy to so third hand smoke is actually all of that tiny particles that were generated by the cigarette that was smoked after the smoke has disappeared totally vaporize then the the smoke disappears but those particles are until there and they actually set all on every surface her that the the smoke was in so for example your car is going to settle on every surface in your car is going to settle in your hair on.

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