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When you when you get that that scoring it's like, you know, kind of frees you up a little bit because it kind of gives other teams something to worry about so, yeah, it'd be nice to have contributions across the board. But I think you know, as offensive players, you just kind of focus on yourself and producing every night and make sure you're doing the right things things that and then they have been better defensively of late Saad recently, by the way, joined that other trio of tapes painted to bring it with at least five goals after a slow start with the captain and the cat who were on the same line open the season they have cooled off of late. Jeremy Carlton is preaching about attacking the net. The challenge to find some balance night comes also against the seven best defense in the league in terms of goals against average and a defensive or who's eighteen goals are tied for the most in the NHL you've seen with the wild have been able to do with their game in terms of finding more balanced. It wasn't that way. At the outset. The Blackhawks has tried to find that. Now, they're just before if you look at. For the Blackhawks need to get better around the front of the net and the opposition vendor. The better than their own. As well as Ford here. But if you look at the whole Blackhawks lack of scoring at the beginning of the season everything started to click with everybody getting off the quickstart. She mentioned the numbers of the names. Well, it's cooled off a little bit. More play on the perimeter of the game of the season. You're getting a lot of productivity in around the front of the net area. Rebound second third opportunities that something has been working hard at preaching and practices watches videotapes. He could do whatever analytics and everything you want. But the game a hockey is kind of a pyramid. The top of the pyramid is the opposition. That's wherever they could end up. Do you wanna go stand in that area? Good chance that they're sooner or later. There's going to be a puck direction. After Jeremy calls wants to have this mindset getting to the middle of the ice. You might get hit. You might have to take a little bit of an abuse to get into that area to be rewarded the score goals or create an opportunity for teammate by trading a rebound because the goaltender goals are things that the Blackhawks needs to do on a more regular basis, and especially so because the skill level at the death positions isn't quite as plentiful as it has been during those seasons of Cup run. So that makes that attitude all the more important we reached the quarter point of the season after the first period tonight. Dominic cocoons NHL goal came the first meeting against the wild five weeks ago. And while he has impressed overall. He's still has just one point is last ten Alexander fourteen gets another shot in the lineup tonight. The average the two goals each from Artem Anisimov, and Nick schmaltz, that's not a very pretty average over the course of an entire season about the play of the twenty one goal scorer schmaltz from a year ago last season who was replaced by Saad Friday night on the line with Kane head coach he can be more.

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