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And it just didn't get done. So I think the jury's still out a little bit on Kirk Cousins, and then obviously they also went the trade route. I mean, they have bred far they had case Keenum. So obviously you could say Brett Farve was really good for them at the time he was in Minnesota. Granted, they didn't make it to the end result of what they wanted to do there, either. But I think Brett Farve played well enough after his time in Green Bay that I think you could call that a success as well, bringing in Brett Farve. It was a big move, so they've tried everything first round picks. Trading for a quarterback and obviously the free agency, right. So George Payton, learning under Rick Spielman, and he was with Spielman at three different spots. He was with him with the Bears. He was with him in Miami, and he's been with him for Double digit years in Minnesota, so he saw everything. So I don't think that he's going to be afraid to pull the trigger and going a different route. A couple of those first round draft picks that the Vikings had on Lee got one year. I think the one that got the most was Teddy Bridgewater, and he got two years before he got hurt, then that was the end of that. So he's not afraid, if if it's not going the direction that he wants it to that he will go in a different direction. And I think if you have the opportunity to go out and get a top five quarterback that is what age 25 you do everything that you can. So that means three first round picks Andrew Luck. I'm definitely all in on that. And I even told you That I would even toss in Jerry Judy into that deal to sweeten it to make sure that that that can get done now granted, Let me just say this. I would try and get the deal done without throwing without Judy short, But here's my reasoning is toe why I would make him available in any particular deal. And obviously the shot. Watson has a no trade. So we could block coming to Denver, regardless of you offered the whole Bronco team for him, right, You know, But let's just say to Sean was interested in coming here, and I think he should be interested. Because if you look at the talent on this roster, it is young. And they're very talented. You have Courtland Sutton is the number one. And here's why I would give up. Jerry Judy in that scenario is because Tim Patrick to me last season showed me enough that he could be the number two number two wide receiver on this team. And you were gonna be successful with sudden and Patrick that you could say you don't have a burner out of those two, because I don't think anybody thinks of Of Courtland is a burner. But you did draft KJ handler who can stretch the football field, and I think he showed flashes of that last season. But Cortland sudden comes back healthy. And you have Tim Patrick in Cage, a handler, plus Noah fans. That is a lot of weapons for D Shawn Watson at his disposal, and I think Courtland sudden granted, he's not DeAndre Hopkins, but I think he is a rising superstar in this league. There's no question about that. I would completely agree. I would not I would not put Jerry Judy on the table as part of that deal of potential deal like that, right off that that's that's your ace in the hole that you're thinking long and hard about that. I mean, you're thinking. Okay. Even let's just say I'm not a drew locked believer. Someone is okay. That's fine. So drew locks a young quarterback that the Texans may or may not like what you put him in there. Because if you're getting too, Shawn Watson, you don't need drew lock. But if it's Judy, and lock and three first round picks I'm not saying I wouldn't make the deal, but I'm working really hard to make it a different player other than Jerry Juice, and let's be honest, This isn't about Drew lock it is about who does Sean watching inquest right now. No quiet..

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