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If you've ever felt stock with supporting creativity in children, then you have hit a gold mine today not only is this episode GonNa blow you away, but I also just released a course called cultivating creative resiliency. This is a course for therapists who work with children, and in this course we go through tons of different experiences, techniques, reflections and activities that can directly be applied in the therapy room. The focus of course is to help you support the skill of creativity in your sessions now as creative arts, therapist and creative therapists were doing lots of creative and artistic work intercessions, but we also have an immense opportunity in helping children learn and grow the skill of creativity. This is kind of the Meta. creative problem solving thinking outside of the box how to invent something out of nothing. These are skills that we can support as therapists and the world needs so much more of we can support this and not only improve the mental well-being of the children that we work with, but also create a ripple effect of creativity into the larger community. This course will teach you how to do just that. It's on sale until July thirtieth for twenty dollars off, and if you order before, then you'll also get two bonus downloads these are most requested interventions, also, if you're looking to boost your own creativity than stick around for this episode, because it's perfect for you and I highly suggest you go get a copy of Martha's book, a s, a p balanced creativity, but I will save that for the episode. Thank you so much for what you do and enjoy the episode..

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