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What i saw. I didn't see much. 'cause i one episode but it was about how you have different classes of people and then owned by mary up get into certain classes. The commentary on that was really good like in terms of yeah and then also the common shown like okay. Oh the girls were like china like look nice for the guys to pick them. Oh if you get a noble. Even though he's six years old you should be happy whever because now you'll be rich kids like that was good commentary and i think i think it's still relevant today as well in terms of the no the gender dynamic and stuff but he's and then they did kind of like from why stops they were kind of showing the lessons in that unlike why. That's not the best way to look at things. So i hope at the end. It was like the fee morals apart from. Yeah mary who you love. That's the way it looked like it kind of kind of showed a be of that in the first episode. Yeah guy seems. Industry bankers the worship susan out. I'm trying to get josh so we it's not that bad shoes that you could world fisher. Which short so like you know. It's not that bad guys. It's only because we want to work in such industries. Not so it's like what is going on him. It wasn't detaining i like. I like the just because i think it depends on. You're because i wouldn't. I wouldn't recommend that. Jerry jet like it's very like drama. They but then. I'll watch suits citizen that good anymore but it's still good no vaccine since hard times. Nah it's good clam microsd. That's my drill above industries greats buffet. But i wouldn't say it's just it is chaos. That's best yeah. It was just chaos chaos. Yeah as you're going to be watching that you're going to be like brew. What how did we get here. Like for real for real. That's the thing it's like. Okay they say oh. You're the these guys. Banks are interns but all none of the scenes a lot of the things. Don't do anything banking like. It's about though so. Yeah i don't know. But i mean it's still cool when they start talking about. Oh they're trying to price this option trying to price this bond on my god whatever happens. It's like a gave it to dinner. There wasn't any of that. Yeah isn't it's not enough but yeah it's an inaccurate representation. Shall we say you bell watching wolf of wall street. That is the best financial markets again. Like this this month actually banks thank you very good movie. All really good you guys should do is watch the behind the scenes. Fam- it is crazy. It's actually crazy. 'cause then you realize how good these actors are a preferred behind the scenes for light sci-fi to cause them on our in a green screen a green stuff. All of the muslim see green background is mad dies heart cause any like oh like there's no real yea 'cause Downey junior it was definitely some guy so it was. It was real before one man was other guys deadly. Yes of course. That's why people watch it like compassion. The emotion yet emotion still dead. But then you watch the being in the film. It doesn't ruin it even stunt doubles bro. Mof no as the green screen. If i watched the scenes with the green screens. I'm gonna lack. Ads bake literally harry potter green screens. I was home. I don't really respond to santa cruz and eight years old at this very it was met someone. Come explain this but with like real movies. You know movies. Not based on green skin. It's great 'cause like you see questions go into character. Yeah it's more like a natural talent. Anyway what in interviews The eldest still might have queens gardens. Is well yeah. it's been on. Drags looked up. She was saying chessboards. Sleep because dima to show. That's actually true but yeah. She was using performance enhancing drugs. I was a really was ridiculous. I don't i. I don't i don't think without you. So why is it. That wasn't who so. If the other people had that drug would they. Would they not seen the same thing done better as well know if he's out one with chest broke. She's at one chess. that's why they're rushing. Guy was colluding bro. Russia goes difficult. You didn't just talking about how to be tired but reminding basically about for the people who haven't watched about some who's like a chess genius and then she just working away up to winning the national championship so world championships of chess. And she has some great grandmaster where she sees chessboards but at the beginning she only sees when she takes the performance enhancing drugs. But the thing is it wasn't meant to be it was meant to be like Vitamins when your chest all these sports people saying they say oh no she was five years old allow it no and then she clocked and then choose i i need it and then oh a she was hooked. Hooked isn't it goes a drug. I don't think as steady performance. She made it performance. Enhancing other people have been able to do that. So it's not so forms enhanced among since and has if you look at it like that then you're very close monomer. Nah sometimes yeah. I get into my own head. Sorry tons guy and you black humor. This is months. I always knew what do you mean. Switching side one is the most disloyal chill just switched sides on both sides. I'm always inside of the indochino. Sorry i've never done that. Guy is rescuing you every time. No 'cause you guys just decide to fight me you guys you guys come from the reasons sometimes no really jerry. You can't smoke not really. It's never without reason.

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