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Idea. Yeah. I just feel like just because you get the booze. Doesn't mean you're a he'll I think we've had this conversation. Yeah. No. You're not a he'll he'll and you got to you got to like what you know, if your intentions are pure if you're good Burs earn able person. Like us to save Roman was the biggest he'll because he got the biggest boost, but it wasn't he'll but all all the time. Baby. Debbie have always been heels me Roman was pretty clean cut. Don't get me wrong. But he was but he also like would come out and be like, I don't care. What you think of me? I mean that was a little later that that. But anyway, I've talked about this so many times before hulk HOGAN was the biggest deal. I mean, HOGAN she wrote about this back at ground his entire hid like in matches in like regular ass matches against it was like hulk HOGAN vs job, or he would like rake there is and raked their bag. It just do all that Craig has just so dumb. And it'd be like the referee would be like like he like knocked down the rest. You could punch dudes in the face over and over again like it was to be the HOGAN was ill. And then he really did like steal his best friend's girl and like he'll Bret Hart's title shot. Like what I'd like, it's he was he was a jerk. Yeah. Bobby Heenan was the only one thought Bobby union was right, man. It's the greatest. Yeah. He was he was can you imagine if your body heynen it's like being a Old Testament prophet? It's like I see what's happening right now. No, I'm screaming as loud as I can no one believes me. Yeah. Or like what's that? Mel Gibson conspiracy theory movie conspiracy theory. Yeah. You're like the only one knows. He's like I'm telling you that something's going on here. Yeah. Yeah. Well, well, I was thinking about Brayford sorry. Thinking to pay back. What women want women wants and all the time and Alzheimer? So just moving over to smackdown really quick, by the way, the the gone matches good for two nights in a row. And I know that this is because I'm I've been this ingrained sexism from all these years of watching wrestling, but it was, but it was really because I hadn't seen Braun strowman on Sunday night that I thought that I didn't realize that I was watching the main event when I wasn't in this ending habit on raw when the garland matches going on. I was like, well, there's no way this is the main event, and and you know, it, but you know, what that speaks to though is that rows actually really good big announcement amounted to Jack shit, but but they did a pretty good job of. He did it pretty good job of like, you know, keeping the interested the entire to the, of course, the show looking at the results right now. It's pretty amazing. There's like three matches. But I was intrigued the whole time. It was pretty good. Then overrun smackdown. Again, that was it was a good one. If the new era is thing that we want to point out, you know, pieces of it. It's definitely that. It was at the end of the show. It was the continued ascent of Moustapha ally. And I mean, this isn't the first time Andrade CNN has been in a main event tag match. So he's kinda hard to put him on there. But he's part of that group. But then sanity finally getting their their moment leading up to that. I thought was pretty big to what did you think of the announcements of the annex t? Oh, yeah. This is really weird. So we talked to mentioned Apollo crews briefly before he's not the only or maybe not even the best version of this. But he's in a great example of somebody who like actually didn't exist in an x t for that long. They kinda saw him do a couple of things Roman reigns. Actually fits this definition to. He just did a couple of things and they were like, all right. All right. Let's just keep them off TV and just. Find the moment for the Monroe, and that's what so many of these people feel like heavy machineries, obviously had a run. The of the list of people were there in front of you, heavy machineries had a run and they're good, and they'll be fun. I it'll be interesting to see how they look standing next to some other teams. But there there's definitely money to be made with them one way or another. It's also e c three owner Obu before we get off that does avec is his warm. I mean, he's I think he's like four and a half feet tall. But he looks stout. I mean, he's obviously very stout. He looks he's he's very good at wrestling in the end that little warm gimmick that he does. Now is there's money there. There's always money in a wrestler during the warm, especially a big Hokkien one EC three is a perfect example of like there wasn't really room for him an NFC the finally they finally found a little spot for him. And he got called up because he's just he was always main roster ready headed they never like have him tag with a Bobby rude. This could be like Burma, they weren't TNA together. They have crossover. Yeah. They were. They were. I don't remember. Stable together. I mean, the probably in the gym a lot together, you know, they're both both well put together fellows, EC three was NWEA forever ago. And then he left went to TNA created that character there, and then came back get a pretty good theme song one of those NFC theme songs that people are going to sing along to his promo package was whole areas because it was like made it look like he was like a like a male stripper gram any certainly has a little bit of that vibe. But yeah or post wrestling buff Bagwell, I went down and buff Bagwell shoot interview rabbit hole yesterday. Like, I was watching something on purpose. You know? And then like, I just have the window open. And suddenly, I'm like four shoot interviews in. You know, I mean, they're not not the not like long ones like when you go on YouTube, and they like someone is edited together everybody's opinion of Scott Steiner, or like, you whatever why the window open where are you going to jump out of it? By the end of that. I wanted to. Yeah. Anyway. What's all right? Well, we'll save him. We'll save this stuff. Yeah. We'll say this for both Bagwell attributed episode two weeks. We're we're not actually going to do that. So anyway, EC three who else got called her solve them. We we knew about LARs. But he's he's going to be a very excited about Laura's for a lot of reasons where you have a have you heard the rumors of what they might do with them. What I don't know. It's going to be a spoiler are just read somewhere that he might be with Daniel, Bryan. Really? This is like muscle. They look alike kind of kind of got that. Well, you had to Pete we we we we're gonna have a piece on him on the ringer dot com. The moment he shows up. So I've already I mean, it's I have very interested in him for a lot of reasons and in you will you will soon. See why? And then who else NICKY cross? Oh, yeah. From motley Crue. Don't know using evening. He's six he was the basis. Mick Mars was the terrorist. And Mick Mars has like terrible debilitating disease. So I hate, you know, for bringing that up NICKY cross was part of sanity NFC, so fli. We'll see if she's part of that on the main roster. She she wrestled. What says you wrestle Becky that one time when they were over there in the UK she made it kind of one off appearances. She's ready. She'll be fun should be really fun. Hopefully, they'll use a right. And then the other person has Lacey Lacey is not really really ready for the main roster. But she's but she I get it. She has a little bit of that. She doesn't quite fit in inex- t either vibe, and maybe they'll have a place for I think she's a vet. She's an army veteran. Whatever is means. She she's got some good interesting backstory. She's got a good look she's got the kind of like boogie Woogie bugle boys sort of company bay. Yeah. She's got a little she's got the she's like a has a little bit of like the retro pinup vibe. But it's all military show tour. It's it's like a USO wonder woman, but she was actual. In the army. I sank you can Google that air force. I think she was in the marines. Also, even though you don't think she's ready. They're building up the women's division men becoming more and more popular, and they're headlining former US marine, you're right about her. Yeah. It's just one of those catch twenty two things. They're not quite giving them enough time with the amount of towns, they have. But if they're going to give them more time, they're going to need more talent. When did becky's big push really start. I mean leading up to summer slim, and when did they film, the marine sixteen or whatever no idea before that? Right. So do you think have knowing she's in the movie that helps with that push? They kinda use that to help promote the movie and vice versa. Well, they'll use it. I mean, the old thing you always be that they would give people pushes a baby face pushes right before it movie came out. So they could sort of like go out there and do PR for. But now they don't really care about the face. He'll thing so much anymore. But still I mean, she gets a monster. At the same time movie comes out. Did it come out on? No, no. I think she kind of did it on her own always a movie, I think is to I don't know, man. I have not I do not need to find out. I I need to do that work. If buff Bagwell's not in it. You're not watching it. Exactly. Oh, Christopher Daniels is apparently talking to ring of honor. And all eat to see this is this is wild. We have like bidding wars going on for these people. Oh, I mean, the other thing from the I mean, just the general all eating one is that there is there talks that WBZ officially offered on made offers to probably Cody in the bucks and meltzer's report was that. It was.

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